Inspirational attractions in London

London eye

Those with a keen interest in arts and design will find London the perfect city to explore on a holiday. There are so many attractions that can stimulate the creativity within people of an artistic bend. The streets of the city are replete with modern and medieval marvels that provide stimulus to those with a creative background.

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Some of the creative spots to visit in town are:

London Transport Museum:

London Transport Museum

After a tour of the many attractions in Covent Garden a great place to visit with the family is the London Transport Museum. It is home to the best vintage collection of automobiles and other modes of transport that have been used in the city over the past 200 years. The museum also houses an excellent vintage poster collection. Visitors are captivated to see the link that exists between means of transportation and the development of the city since the Industrial Revolution in the early 18 century.

The Design Museum:

Design Museum

The museum was established in 1989 and recently moved to a new location in Kensington. There always is something new to explore at the museum. Located in a building that was formerly home to the Commonwealth Institute, it is well on its way to becoming one of the premier architectural & design institutions in the world.

V&A Museum of Childhood:

V&A Museum

Hark back to your childhood days with a visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. It is a fascinating spot to spend an afternoon exploring the collection of retro brands and packages. It is located in East London and is home to four primary galleries. These include the Front Room Gallery, The Moving Toys Gallery, The Childhood Gallery and the Creativity Gallery. It definitely has a lot to derive inspiration from!

DIY Art Market:

Hackney is home to the very popular DIY Art Market located in its flea market. It is where visitors will find some of the most unique pieces bordering on the odd and is a haunt for upcoming artists and independent publishers alike. There is an amazing spread of artistic items including jewellery, handicrafts, ceramics, prints and photography etc.

Twenty-Twenty One:

Located in Islington the Twenty-Twenty One Store offers the latest cutting edge designs in furniture, accessories and lighting. Set up by Tony Cunningham and Simon Alderson in 1996 it showcases the biggest brands and names including Sandquist and Marimekko among other famous names.

Present and Correct:

When in Islington a cool place to drop in is Present and Correct, a stationery store that will fire the imagination of even the most uninspired. The store is renowned for its striking Instagram feeds that exude elegance and style. Shop for some of the coolest vintage stuff around and mind-blowingly beautiful stationery!