Make the best of your Handy during you stay


There’s nothing more exciting than a holiday or weekend break away from work, especially if London is your destination. However, there are some things you may be worrying about, such as finding your way around the city.

During your stay at our hotels near Paddington Station London, you’ll have access to a Handy smartphone. The advanced technology is designed to give you the tools you need to plan your stay, find your way around and contact anyone at any time of the day.


Free local and international calls

One of the biggest advantages of having a Handy smartphone during your trip to London is that you can make local and international calls during your stay at the Park Grand Paddington Court without paying a penny. This is great news if you’re travelling to London on business as you’ll be able to contact clients and business associates easily to organise meetings and events. Families can also benefit from free calls. You will be able to call home and let your loved ones know how the trip is going.

Free internet access

Nowadays, internet access is an essential part of everyone’s day. Whether you’re trying to share your selfies on social media or you need to do some research for an important business meeting, the Handy smartphone will give you unlimited free access to the World Wide Web. This is ideal if you have never been to London before and you want to spend some time planning your day and looking for fun things to do and see.


Location-based information

Handy phones give you more than just access to the internet. The operating system also has a number of features that are specifically designed to help you discover local attractions and landmarks using real-time GPS data. If you’re ever stuck for anything to do or you have to change your plans because of the weather, you will be able to locate new places anywhere in London. You will also get to find out key information about places before you visit, such as prices, opening time etc.

Exclusive promotions

Here at the Park Grand, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most cost-effective luxury hotels in London. We make it our goal to ensure that everyone can experience the magic of London which is why we offer a wide range of discount deals and special offer packages. When using your Handy smartphone at our hotels, you will have exclusive access to some of our deals and will be the first to find out about them.

Real-time concierge service

Handy phones are great for increasing comfort and making your stay even more effortless. You will have constant and direct access to all of the hotel’s features and amenities right at your fingertips. Whether you want to make a reservation at the hotel restaurant or you would like some advice on local attractions, you can easily contact hotel staff from your Handy device.