Everything You Need To Know About The London Vintage Red Bus Tour

Everything You Need To Know About The London Vintage Red Bus Tour

London is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists and there are countless ways that you can enjoy the many landmarks, stories and sounds of the city during a stay at the Park Grand Hotel and restaurant in London. Whether you’re visiting with friends or children, the city spans over 1400 square kilometres, making it the largest city in Europe and so there are plenty of options to choose from for navigating the city.

But sometimes, especially on a first visit to London, being presented with the highlights helps a heap when getting your bearings in London. This takes a lot of the pressure off you for planning tours and events, and means you can learn about the history and traditions of London without having to make too much of an effort. For guests of London hotel deal special offers, there are many options for tours of the city available and advertised in your very lobby. 

One such popular choice for centrally located guests staying at accommodation in Paddington London is the Vintage London Red Bus Tour, which gives London newbies a chance to enjoy a ride on one of the city’s iconic red buses – often open topped – and see some of the quintessential and defining landmarks of the English capital. Below you can find out more about the London Vintage Red Bus Tour and why it’s such a great choice for first time London visitors.

What Is The Red Bus Tour?

The red bus tour is a London tour group that runs most days across the city, providing tourists with the chance to learn about some of the city’s most famous landmarks whilst aboard one of the most iconic vehicles native to London. If you’ve never visited London before, or even have but want to see the city in a new light, then the red bus double decker tour is the perfect starting point.

Why Open Top?

Yes, there are plenty of London double deckers without open tops, but with the full panoramic views that the open top promises, you can feel the wind in your hair as you tick off those major landmarks. During the winter it’s advised that you wrap up warm and bring rain protective clothing regardless of the season, London’s weather patterns can be very temperamental. 

Times And Duration 

Morning red bus tours start at 8.15am whilst afternoon tours begin at 1 pm. Each tour can last for between 3 and a half to 4 hours depending on the traffic. 


The tours begin at London Victoria Station, giving out-of-towners an easy pick up point from one of the city’s major train terminals. The ending point for the tour is the London Eye, where visitors can get a train from Waterloo Station or a bus or tube back to their hotels. Alternatively, guests staying at the Park Grand Paddington Court London can enjoy the sights and sounds of the nearby South Bank. 

Top Tier Tour Guides

London’s tour guides are among the best in the world, offering humour, insight and showmanship in their jobs. The Vintage Red Bus London Tour is no different, with tour guides relaying accessible and fun information about the many landmarks you’ll pass during your journey. Furthermore, the guides use microphones, ensuring full audio amplification so no one will be left out from the information. 

Westminster Abbey

Westminster AbbeyThanks to its proximity to Victoria, Westminster Abbey will be one of the first stops on your tour of the city. This beautiful abbey has a lot of history to it, and whilst you won’t have a chance to go inside during the tour, it’s definitely worth it at some point during your visit to London. This ancient abbey has hundreds of years of history and has been the coronation and wedding site of many kings and queens throughout the ages. Here you’ll find the tombs of many of the great Tudor kings and queens, as well as those of famous English figures from throughout history including Stephen Hawking and Geoffrey Chaucer. 

Houses Of Parliament

Houses Of ParliamentLocated right beside Westminster Abbey is the Houses of Parliament, which will also be passed during your tour. Here you’ll be able to drive straight past the iconic Big Ben, and see the beautiful bronzed buildings surrounding it. 

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar SquareAnother stop along the way is Trafalgar Square, where you’ll be able to stop and take photos of the iconic lion clad Nelson’s Column. Nearby attractions here include the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, both free to visit, handy to keep in mind for another day of your London trip.

Tower Bridge

Tower BridgeSeeing the sunrise from Tower Bridge can be one of the most memorable experiences of any London visit, not least if you’re on an open top double decker bus whilst you watch it! Sunrise or not, travelling across this two towered suspension bridge provides beautiful views over the Thames. 

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham PalaceIf you’re lucky, a morning tour will take you past Buckingham Palace in time to see the “changing of the guards”. This traditional march takes place once every two days when the responsibility of guarding the queen’s home and surrounding properties is changed over to the next shift. The pomp and circumstance of this red-suited parade adds just another layer to the tour, if of course, your specific tour lands on a day where the changing takes place. 

Bus Stop Flexibility

One of the great things about the changing of the guard is that if the weather is good and the traffic is not too congested, you will be able to take flexible stops during the journey for photo opportunities and closer looks at landmarks. Of course, there is a time limit to the tour so if it’s running late due to traffic, you may need to be more stringent with the itinerary.

Additional Sightseeing Cruise 

A bonus to the tour is that if you pay a little extra, you can enjoy an additional 40 minute cruise up the Thames past many of its major riverside landmarks, a great way to sail you into the evening or afternoon. 

The Vintage London Red Bus Tour costs £25 for adults during the winter and £28 during the spring and summer. Children can ride for £19 or £22 for older kids.