London is full of surprises for all the family. If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend the day whilst staying at accommodation in Paddington London, you’ll be in luck due to your proximity to the centre of the city. This can only mean great things for family holidays, the city centre being where many of the best day activities are located. Whether it be a museum or a West End show, there’s plenty to explore in a city which caters to everyone. One such spectacle which never fails to impress even the most London-weary tourist, is Shrek’s Adventure, located on the Southbank. In this buzzing hub of tourist attractions, Shrek’s Adventure stands out as one of the most engaging experiences in London. Taking you through a wide range of the DreamWorks Ogre’s world, Shrek’s Adventure is both interactive and laugh out loud funny. Whilst the Southbank holds many other alluring attractions, Shrek’s Adventure remains one of the most all-encompassing good times you can find there.

South Bank London

What is Shrek’s Adventure?

Shrek’s Adventure is an interactive tour and walkthrough experience which takes you through the magical world of Far, Far Away. Through a self-contained adventure, you’ll be facing off against Witches and many other villains, working as a team together on the quest to find and save the missing Shrek. Using potions and ingredients you collect during the journey, the walkthrough will have you meeting some of your favourite characters from the franchise, along with brand new, never-before seen ones. With puzzles, potions and real-life actors taking you through the journey, you’ll experience a wide range of environments, including Shrek’s swamp and the kitchen of the Muffin Man, all whilst hearing, touching, feeling and smelling your way through the magical land. This interactive adventure will have all ages in fits of laughter and thrill even the most hardened of interactive tourists.

What makes it interactive?

At Shrek’s adventure, you become part of the action. There’s no taking a backseat on this thrilling tour de force, meaning that you must help characters complete the puzzles yourself. On top of this, you’ll be faced with real life actors as well as on screen appearances, making this even more immersive. One example of how engaging the experience is the flying bus ride near the beginning of the tour, and a range of photo opportunities, giving you an unbeatable magical experience. They don’t call them DreamWorks for nothing, they’ve really put the work in.

Other attractions

Not only does Shrek’s Adventure have you dive right into the land Far Far Away, but also gives you the chance to explore other worlds as well. With scenes from Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and even a Christmas season Santa’s Grotto, you’ll never be short of great Instagrammable experiences.

With great London Hotel Deals and special offers available at local hotels, you’ll have great value and easy access to the Southbank’s Shrek’s Adventure. Whether you’re young or old, Shrek’s Adventure is a rich and exciting experience for everyone.