The top 5 Jack the Ripper Tours in London for thrillseekers


If you’ve ever travelled to London, one of the first things you will notice is the rich history spanning over 2000 years. While several buildings were destroyed in wars and the ‘Great Fire’, several structures remain. People from across the globe come here to experience everything from impressive architecture to learning more about London’s mysterious past. One of the events that haunted London for several years is the gruesome killings by Jack the Ripper. 

After the discovery of a series of horribly mutilated bodies between 1888-1891, Jack the Ripper gained notoriety as the Whitechapel Murderer. During that period, at least five murders were committed, but the assailant went unpunished, hence the nickname. There have been many tours based on Jack the Ripper. He has been used as a warning to naughty children, as a symbol of faceless tyranny, and potentially as a warning to writers looking to tap into that fear.

The majority of Jack the Ripper tours focus on the East London streets and buildings where the renowned serial killer murdered his victims. However, visitors looking to trace the steps of London’s menace can check out these  London Accommodation Offers and book a day of exploring one of these top 5 Jack the Ripper tours in London for thrill seekers. 

Jack the Ripper – Walking Tour

With London being such a significant tourist destination, visitors can expect to find several companies offering incredible tours of the city. However, one of the best ways to get a feel of this bustling metropolis is on foot. As a guest of the stylish Park Grand London Lancaster, you will be within easy reach of most places in the city, with several tours at your disposal. One of the popular walking tours is the Jack the Ripper tour. Explore Britain’s Victorian era as you embark on a dark journey through the streets of London. While tracking the steps of the famous serial killer, make sure to take a moment to marvel at the beauty of this incredible city. 

What to expect – Dressed in theme-based attire while carrying display material, guides will take you back in time to Jack the Ripper’s era on the old buildings’ walls. This is an excellent opportunity to see for yourself how East London’s slums used to look. The result is a deeper understanding of Jack the Ripper’s criminal world, including his horrific crimes and the ensuing investigations and conspiracy that failed to produce any answers.

Price: from £13.50/ per person 

Jack the Ripper guided interactive tour.

If you’ve ever had a knack for solving puzzles or enjoy evenings watching the Crime Channel, this tour is for you. Its actual crime component is among the many reasons this excellent interactive tour is so popular. There is photographic evidence from the real crime scenes and a trail that visitors can follow. 

What to expect -Throughout the process, suspected cards are handed out to you to aid your investigation into the possible culprits in an effort to crack the case. In fact, you will be in expert hands throughout this two-hour walking tour, as the guide has acquired the title of ‘Ripperologist’. Most  Hotels In Lancaster, UK, are happy to arrange tours during your stay; alternatively, use the free in-room Wifi to book tour excursions online. 

Price: from £14/ per person

Jack the Ripper tour – with fish and chips

This tour is undeniably one of London’s more expensive Jack the Ripper tours. However, it is the perfect way to enjoy a sightseeing tour, explore London’s history and sample incredible gastronomy all in one. 

What to expect – During the three-hour presentation, you’ll learn about Jack the Ripper’s hauntings and what inspired legends like Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, to be based on London’s East End. A portion of fish and chips is included in the tour, along with coach transportation and walking. Drinks are not included in the tour. This tour is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Price: from £42/ per person

Jack the Ripper tour – Solve the crime.

Now is your chance if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a detective. Generations of investigators have tried to unravel the mystery of the Jack the Ripper murders, and this tour gives you the opportunity to do the same. In addition, this tour will take you headfirst into the gruesome realities of these murders without pulling punches.

What to expect – During the visit, visitors will experience the victims’ last moments and learn about the evidence on the spot where it was discovered. Then, your experienced guide will take you on a thrilling adventure of East London and learn about the events that took place in that era. The tour takes place in the evenings and lasts two hours.

Price: from £30/ per person

London Jack the Ripper tour

This two-hour Jack the Ripper experience is perfect for visitors looking to explore London on a budget or people with limited time in the city. The walking tour takes you on a journey to East London, starting near the Tower of London. For more money-saving options for your visit, check out Budget Accommodation London.

What to expect – The Jack the Ripper trail will take you to the murder locations and get an intimate insight into the life of the victims and the main suspects. A walk along this route starts near the Jack the Ripper Museum. Furthermore, you’ll see the alleyways and streets the Ripper once walked, knowing precisely what was about to be committed.

Price: from £10/ per person

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As several companies each offer their own rules and times of tours, the general rule is most of these tours are not recommended for kids under 14 years.