Visiting Little Italy in London

Piccadilly Circus

Little Italy is one of those areas in London that you don’t hear about enough. Instead, places like China Town and Piccadilly Circus take most of the attention of tourists. That’s only understandable; both these respective areas feature many more ethnic restaurants and famous attractions. Nevertheless, in this post, we’re going to be showing you why Little Italy also deserves some recognition and a part of your itinerary.

From an Italian traveller’s perspective, there’s even more reason to visit this area. While you want to get away from Italian culture and explore new sights and a different culture when you’re travelling, seeing Italian culture from the perspective of a different country is sure to open your mind a little.

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Found in Camden/Islington, the Italian community in London is home to a range of restaurants that offer fine dining and an exceptional wine list. Shops selling Italian goods are numerous, and the atmosphere is very much contrarian to the rest of London. The areas of little Italy cover the north and south of Clerkenwell Road, Rosebury Avenue, and Farringdon Road.

Interestingly, in recent times, there has been a boom for the Italian aperitivo tradition, which first originated in Milan. The Baglioni London provides the experience in its most authentic form, at its popular Brunello bar. Since the middle ages, many Italians have decided to settle themselves in London. Historically, Italians who migrated to the city were affluent and skilled in developing numerous instruments. Today, the Italian community in the city is still ripe and Italian delis, pizzerias, and bars continue to be known for their great excellence. The Bar italia in Soho is just a sample example.

Book your stay in London this season, and discover the cultural diversity that lays the groundwork for some of the best bars and restaurants in Europe. And if you claim your hotel reservation near Paddington, you’ll be less than half an hour away by train to Clerkenwell Road, which lays host to the principal Italian community in the city.