London Jogging Routes That Help You See the City

Jogging place in london

London is well known for providing some of the best open spaces and nature parks in Europe. For a city that’s been so busy with building, the skyscrapers and architecture still make space for beautiful forests and green parklands all across the 32 boroughs of London. For the avid jogger then, this is a dream come true when visiting London. Whether you’re here for business or for pleasure, the avid fitness-focused tourist should make the most of the sporting activities, running tracks and circuits available to you in London.

With centrally located accommodation such as the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel, you’ll never be far from the ideal running circuit for your length, strength and stamina. Alongside the spas and gyms available to you at the Park Grand hotel, make sure that you check out these idyllic parks and running routes scattered through London. Whilst bus and boat tours give you the sites and the history, there’s nothing quite like a jog through the city to work up a sweat with your sightseeing.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is known for being one of the most prominent of the royal parks in London. With over 142 hectares of land and a broad variety of amazing attractions, Hyde Park brings in millions of tourists each year. For the avid jogger though, the perimeter of the park spans about 4 miles before extending to Kensington Gardens. Incorporate both of these historic parks into one run and enjoy some of the most scenic views in West London. With its proximity to West London hotel special offers, this is the perfect route for nearby holidaymakers. 

Jogging Park in lonson

Richmond Park

Another beautiful royal park to enjoy, this secluded oasis of parkland in Richmond provides plenty of running tracks as well as fields and bogs for those more inclined to cross country and fell running. With 2500 acres and nearby herds of deer, this is a must for its beautiful views and the amazing views of the Thames. 

Bushy Park

With just under 1100 acres, Bushy Park provides similar terrain to Richmond and even neighbours the historic 16th-century deer park, Bushy Park is a little denser in its forestry, making for more diverse running terrain.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park extends from Great Portland Street to Baker Street, and almost touches Camden. This lengthy park offers more than just zoos and open-air theatres, there are plenty of running spots alongside it’s North West London monuments and attractions. For the hardy runner who really wants to get their heart pumping, try jogging up Primrose Hill. This will no doubt leave you out of breath but gift you with a breathtaking view that sweetens the deal. 

Regent’s Canal and Little Venice

If you want to burn off those calories from the Grand Restaurants tantalising menus, then a tranquil trot round the canals of West London will certainly do the job. Watch out for the cyclists though, they’ll be moving faster than you. 

Green Park

Green Park is located right by Buckingham Palace, so makes for a truly royal jogging spot. Mostly reserved for central London workers and commuters jogging alongside the flocks of tourists, Green Park might not have the versatility of the nearby St James’s Park in its aesthetics, but certainly makes for a good short jog with its 19 hectares of green space. 

Jogging at St James’s Park

St James’s Park

Jog past Buckingham Palace and the beautiful lake in the centre. With St James’s central location, getting here shouldn’t be too tricky, especially if you’re planning on some sweaty sightseeing before or after a loop of this 57-acre beauty. 

The Railway Run

Spanning about four miles, the railway run follows a stretch of an abandoned railway line from Finsbury Park in North London to Alexandra Palace in Norther London. With forests and woodland comprising of a stretch of Highgate Woods on the way, this run offers solace and tranquillity in an often forgotten stretch of London woodland. 

South Bank London

South Bank and the Thames


Whilst the South Bank can get quite busy during heavier footfall days, there’s more to the Thames than just this central hub. That being said you can still soak in the sites with a run along central London’s Thames. With great views from under Battersea Poer Station, Tower Bridge and the Tate Modern, there are tens of miles you can take advantage of along this iconic river bank. 

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is an ancient patch of London woodland in the North West London area just beyond Regents Park. With its beautiful meadows and hilly woodlands, the park provides more than just 800 acres of running space; it’s freshwater bathing ponds provide some of the most refreshing places to take a dip too. Perfect for your post-run shower then!

Walthamstow Wetlands

The Walthamstow Wetlands incorporate nature reserves, canals and reservoirs into a beautiful stretch of East London greenery. The borders are blurry, much of the wetlands actually extend onto Hackney and Tottenham Marshes and as a green belt in East London, provide a wide array of running routes, even leading to Victoria Park and Hackney Wick.

Epping Forest

It might be a little way out, but the ancient woodland of Epping Forest has its roots as far back as the Roman Empire. The home of Boudica and the famous Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge, this 6000-acre forest is a true part of London’s long history.

Stratford Olympic Park

Another East London monument to fitness, Stratford’s Olympic Park has its own swimming pool, gym, running track and West Ham stadium! However, even taking a jog across the renewed parklands near the many sports centres here will make you feel one step closer to those legendary greats of 2012.

Royal Cemeteries of London

You might not be able to outrun death but, you can certainly try! The Magnificent 7 cemeteries are scattered across London and provide more than just morbidity. The beautiful rewilded parklands are strewn with footpaths and tranquil vibes to help you really escape the city sounds.