Best events scheduled for the summer of 2019 in London


Summer is the best time to visit England and enjoy its natural beauty and historical monuments without interference from fog, rain, or wind. That’s why millions of visitors come to London during the summer months, looking for fun, business, exciting experiences, educational opportunities, or any combination thereof.

In this light, it’s not surprising that some of the most interesting public events of this year are scheduled for the summer. With many London hotels special offers are easy to find this time of the year, so you have plenty of reasons to make it to the British capital city over the next couple of months.

Variety is the spice of life, and in London, you can find events of just about every kind. Take a look at this selection of the most popular happenings for this summer – but be aware that the list is by no means exhaustive and there are many other events worth seeing:

Film4Summer open-air film festival

watching movie under sky

This festival is held every year at the Somerset House in London, with screenings of variously themed films under the open sky. You can catch everything from big Hollywood titles to small indie films here, which is why casual cinema-goers and true film buffs come together at this unique event. It takes place in mid-August, so chances of fair weather are pretty strong.

London Film and Comic Con

film fest


If you are a fan of cosplay or simply enjoy chatting with people who share your passion for Star Wars, London Film and Comic Con is the right place for you. This colourful event is organised in Olympia at the end of July, attracting fantasy enthusiasts from across the UK and beyond. Expect plenty of elaborate costumes, a friendly (if somewhat nerdy) atmosphere and some great photo opportunities!

Pride London Parade

pride parade

First organised in 1972, Pride London Parade has grown into a major event that has its own tradition. This celebration of diversity and LGBT rights stands as a symbol of London’s famously open-minded atmosphere and is worth experiencing from up close even if you don’t belong to any sexual minority groups. This year’s theme is The Pride Jubilee, so there will be a lot of glamour on display!

Summer by the River

River Thames London

As one of the best-known music festivals in London, Summer by the River is worth visiting if you happen to be in town at the right time. Its urban location on the south bank of the Thames between Tower Bridge and London Bridge ensures easy access from Hotel Park Grand Paddington Court London or any other centrally located venue. Make sure you get your tickets in advance!

‘Magic Realism’ exhibition

Tate Britain art gallery

Some visitors prefer high art to street fun, and Tate Modern has a gem for this crowd. ‘Magic Realism: Art in Weimar Germany 1919-33’ is open until July 14th, and there is no entry fee. Don’t miss this chance to see the works of several true masters of their craft, such as Otto Dix, Albert Birkle and George Grosz. The displayed works are on loan, so Londoners and visitors alike should take advantage of this unique opportunity while it still lasts.

Great British Food Festival

What better way to learn about the local cultural identity than by indulging in the finest foods traditionally eaten in Britain? Great British Food Festival, held from July 12th-14th at the Chiswick House, lets you do just that while enjoying amazing discounts. There will be plenty of demonstrations, competitions, food-tasting and live entertainment that will change your view of Britain forever.

Global 12 music festival


Starting on September 1st, this exciting music event will bring together house, hip-hop and R&B performers from many different countries, as well as dance crews that will pump up the crowd. You can forget about your worries for a few hours on the open-air dance floor, or chill with summer cocktails and BBQ when you get tired from dancing. The festival takes place in the Cargo London nightclub.

British Summer Time

Summer in London

Headlined by Robbie Williams, Celine Dion and Stevie Wonder, British Summer Time festival is sure to draw a lot of people out to Hyde Park from July 5-14th. This open-air event caters to many different audiences, with a range of pop and rock music to choose from. It’s traditionally organised in Hyde Park, so you can just stop by after dinner at The Grand Restaurant Paddington Court to hear your favourite band and mingle with interesting people.

Lambeth Country Show

You don’t have to go too far from central London to experience the authentic charm of traditional English country life. Lambeth Country Show is held annually in Brockwell Park, just a mile away from Charing Cross. Some of the fun activities you can enjoy here include horse riding, viewing animals and birds, traditional crafts and a variety of music performances. This year, the event takes place on July 20-21st and is completely free to attend.

Prudential Ride London bike race

Byke race London

Being a part of the crowd of more than 100,000 cyclists is a truly amazing experience, which is why you should make sure to have a bike ready if you happen to be in London on August 3rd. While the event includes a competitive element, a vast majority of participants ride just for fun with their friends. The route is free of vehicular traffic and passes through eye-catching parts of central London including famous tourist spots like Parliament Square, Piccadilly, and Canary Wharf.

Notting Hill Carnival

notting hill carnival

The best way to describe the Notting Hill Carnival is to say it’s a non-stop street party that lasts for two days and attracts up to two million people every year. It was started in 1966 as a celebration of Caribbean culture and has since grown into a well-organised event with extensive infrastructure. If you decide to visit this lively music and dance event (it will take place on August 25-26th 2019), be prepared for a loud and boisterous day under the sun.