Travel Tips To Help You Get To Grips With London


London is a truly international city, with 6 airports and transport routes linked to almost all of the UK via a single direct train. With plenty of business drawing in international companies and employees, hotel deals in London Paddington are often teeming with international tourists.

Though London is an international city, it’s scope and role as the English capital mean that it has inherited some unique traits The size of London means that the transport links and navigational routes have to be meticulously organised and built, whilst its capital status means that it has inherited many of the quirks that make England and Great Britain so striking as a nation. It would be no surprise to find that first time guests of hotels near Paddington Station UK may have quite the culture shock visiting London in comparison to mainland Europe!

Below are some of the ways that Park Grand Paddington Court guests can soften the culture shock blow during their first visit to London.

The Great British Pound

Unlike much of Europe, the UK has maintained its currency and continued to use the British pound. Now, there’s no point in comparing values to say, the dollar or euro, as these change quite often, but it is worth reminding first time London visitors to exchange their native currency for the pound after they arrive in the country as you’re more likely to find better deals in England than abroad.

Look Right, Drive Left

Unlike countries in mainland Europe, the British drive on the left hand side of the road, meaning that when crossing the busy roads of London, always look right instead of left. Most pedestrian crossings will remind you of this with signs on the edge of the pavement.

Buy An Oyster Card For Public Transport Savings

Whilst public transport services in London can be paid for per journey via contactless debit card, the Oyster card is a lot more handy for multi-day deals and railcard discounts. These blue contactless payment cards can be topped up in multiples of 5 or 10 at every train and tube station in the city. If you are a UK resident with an under 26, under 30 or senior rail card, you  could save 30% on each individual off-peak (outside of 6.30 am to 9.30 am and 4 pm and 7 pm) journeys you take.

Tipping In London

From your local cafe to the restaurants near the Park Grand Kensington, service charges of around 12.5% are included in the bill, meaning that you are not obliged to leave a tip. That’s not to say you can’t leave a few pounds if you have enjoyed your restaurant service though.

The UK, Great Britain And England Mean Different Things

Whilst in London, you might hear people refer to the country as one of the above, but it’s worth clarifying that each refers to something slightly different. Put simply, the UK is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, so it refers to the “united” group of countries. Great Britain refers only to the countries on the island of Britain, so that excludes Northern Ireland which is across the sea.