Long Weekend In London With Kids? Here Are Some Tips


Every parent knows that any holiday with children is a juggling act. Alongside catering to different age ranges, you’re also looking for activities and excursions that will not only entertain the kids, but feel like a real holiday for you too. With plenty of London hotel deal special offers for families and for the sheer variety of attractions, the English capital is a great destination for a short city break with children.

Below are just a few of the most family friendly attractions and activities in London, all of which offer something for every age to enjoy and learn something new about the English capital.

Natural History Museum

Especially easy to reach from the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel, the Natural History Museum is probably one of the most famous of its kind on account of holding collections of taxidermy first gathered by Charles Darwin, the father of evolution himself. The Natural History Museum is free to visit and includes exhibitions focusing on dinosaurs, the climate and many different types of animals. The Natural History Museum draws out the child in all of its visitors, thanks to its wondrous exhibits, many of which date back centuries.

Science Museum

Another museum that’s within walking distance of the hotels in Paddington, this is the second of the South Kensington Row trio of Victorian-founded cultural establishments. The Science Museum’s collection stems from the same place that its neighbouring Natural History and British Museums do – the 17th century artefacts left by famous physician Sir Hans Sloane. Over the years, the Science Museum developed into an accessible, expansive exploration of physics and chemistry. What makes the Science Museum so family friendly is that it includes hands-on experiments that kids can take part in, providing a fun way to learn. Who knows, even the adults might learn something!

Tate Modern

It can be hard to engage children and teenagers on educational days out, but the Tate Modern combines contemporary histories of art with curated exhibitions that are simply eye-catching. From otherworldly installations to modern classics like Picasso, the Tate Modern does a very good job of engaging children as well as art enthusiasts. Moreover, the embankment-side former power station in which the Tate Modern has lived since the year 2000, is a stunning work of art in and of itself.

Horniman Museum

A little further out in the southeast of London, the Horniman Museum is well worth the journey for families staying at accommodation in Paddington London. Free to visit (as are all the museums featured on this list), the Horniman Museum is located a few minutes walk from Forest Hill on the Overground to West Croydon or Crystal Palace and is free of charge to visit its permanent exhibitions.

With beautiful surrounding gardens packed with barnyard animal enclosures and botanical specimens, the Horniman has its roots in the early 20th century, when tea magnate heir Frederick Horniman bequeathed his collection of international curiosities and antiques to the British public. The result is a wonderful collection of animal specimens and ancient artefacts from across the globe, all housed within a quirky arts and crafts era building.