London Boat

Paddington is one of West London’s most popular spots and is a stone’s throw away from the Park Grand Central Paddington London. Comprising of Bayswater, Little Venice and the titular Paddington, this has been a prime spot for tourists for centuries now, and holds at its core the architecture, culture and personality of London as a whole. Whether you’re visiting for a day or you’re enjoying London for a longer period of time, Paddington is well worth a visit, and holds a wide range of areas which will cater to all tastes and ages.

Heathrow Express

First thing’s first, one of the main reasons why Paddington maes such a good prime destination for international travellers is its incorporation of the Heathrow Express train. Heathrow airport may be located on the fringes of North West London, but it’s train service can take you to the legendary terminus of Paddington in just over half an hour. Perfect for the time starved traveller!

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

Explore the laboratory of the man who discovered the life changing, saving and defining uses for the bacteria penicillin. This museum takes you through the life of and equipment used by Alexander Fleming, all within the grounds of a full working hospital in Paddington, St Mary’s. The Laboratory is open for viewing between 10am and 1pm on all weekdays except for Friday.

GoBoat London

Created in partnership with the Paddington Canal and River Trust, these contemporary motorboats are rentable on the canals of the Paddington basin and give you a great way to explore Little Venice, Regents Park and London Zoo from an entirely new perspective. Whether you go for a 1 hour or a two hour journey, the GoBoat London website recommends some stellar routes to help you get the most of your trip.

Norfolk Square Gardens

Showcasing floral arrangements, ornamental shrubs and well kept lawns, Norfolk Square Gardens is an idyllic patch of greenery just across the street from the Park Grand Central Paddington London. For an escape from the city, you needn’t train it to the countryside, just step out of your hotel room!

Rolling Bridge

The Rolling Bridge was opened in 2004 and marked the start of the innovative redevelopment of the Paddington Basin. This canal bridge gives viewers a chance to explore the Paddington Bridge via a high tech bridge which unravels when needed. This innovative take on the drawbridge is the perfect welcome to Paddington, an area of equal parts history and innovation.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is just round the corner from Paddington Station and is well known for its innovative range of beautiful lakes, botany and grassy pastures. With the Serpentine Lido offering open air swimming experiences and the gallery of the same name bringing some of the best in contemporary art to the idyllic park, you’ll have plenty to do when visiting the 140 hectares of land.

Serpentine Boating Lake

Another key ingredient in Hyde Park is its Serpentine Lake. This incredible lake is home to swans and pedalos alike, giving customers on the many row boats a new way to see the city from the idyllic ripples of the Serpentine Lake. This historic lake was built between 1726 and 1730 for Queen Caroline of Brunswick, and still remains as beautiful as it was in the 18th century.