Summer London destinations: The Underbelly Festival at Southbank


Festivals form part of the many attractions in the city, and the Underbelly Festival is one of the best. Found in South bank, it brings comedy, circus, music and family entertainment over the early weeks of summer. Interestingly, a giant upside-down purple cow forms the basis of the attraction, gracing the city’s skyline, and symbolizing the eclectic mix of entertainment at the venue. It’s open on the 7th April to the 17th July 2016, and is nestled between Southbank Center, Jubilee Gardens and the London eye, just off Belvedere Road.


The Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London is just under a half an hour away from the South Bank area, with just two trains. With a walk to Lancaster Gate station, you can take the central line towards and arrive at Oxford Circus station. From there, the Bakerloo line takes directly to Waterloo station. From that point, you can take a five-minute walk to Southbank Center, and enjoy everything it has to offer.

From the London Eye, the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the area has much more to offer than just the Underbelly Festival. Which is why staying in a close accommodation spot, say within half an hour, is highly recommended. You can book tickets for one of the many events at the venue online on Ticketmaster.

Closer by Circa is one of the most liked performances at the festival. With masterful bodies, extraordinary performances, circa’s outstanding gymnasts reveal breath-taking acrobatics, using their raw skill to do some of the most incredible movements. At this event, you’ll be exposed to the extremes and limitations of the human body.

This festival is also suitable for families, due to many comics, cabaret acts, and sketch groups. You can enjoy the underbelly pasture with its food stalls and bars for free. But if you want to enjoy some of the unique events, you will have to book them in advance.

Nearby, visitors will find the South Bank Center – a place that has many cultural events, and it gives visitors a broader insight into what makes London the city it is today. From events related to Indian culture to a book club about Malala, and race and power in the current political climate, visitors don’t just come here to get their dosage of entertainment. They come here to get a better understanding of the city, and if they don’t plan to, then they end up doing so.

Authorities have touted the south bank center, as “the most vibrant arts center in the country.” And the Independent called it “the buzziest, music-filled site in the whole of London.” Arts and enriching forms of entertainment can change lives for the better. Book one of the London hotels deals special offers and find out why.