London is a city which looks just as alluring at night. With its iconic central monuments and beautiful range of high rise buildings, the glittering neon of Picadilly Circus and twinkling windows of Canary Wharf are just as seductive as an afternoon stroll in Hyde Park. For guests at the Park Grand Paddington London, you are well placed for seeing London at night time due to your central location and close proximity to public transport. Pair that with  the oodles of history, London is perfect for a walking tour. Many of the most important moments in London’s history came at night, the dizzying gigs at Wembley Arena, the infamous murders of Jack the Ripper, the red carpet events of Leicester Square, and so it makes sense that you should try and see some of the city from this perspective.


Jack the Ripper tours

The Jack the Ripper tours of Whitechapel take you on a journey through one of the most infamous serial killers of the UK. Now stuff of legend, the East End based Jack the Ripper murders terrorised Victorian London and make a blood curdling point of interest for the more macabre tourist. The Jack the Ripper tours are given by actors and experts, transporting you back to the 19th century and taking you to many of the spots in the dark alleys of Shoreditch where Jack the Ripper struck, or at least left his mark. Unravel the mystery, and whilst his identity may still be shrouded in mystery, this tour gives you a chance to come to your own conclusions, showing evidence, testimony and insight into the life and times of this notorious murderer.

Ghost tours of London

Move over London Dungeons, this darkt our gives you even more insight into the grisly history of the city, and with added fresh air too! Traverse the “smooth field”, the site of many executions, alongside London Bridge holding the secrets of the black plague. From cannibalism to murderers, the London Ghost Tour takes you even deeper into the London underbelly. You best hope your accommodation in Paddington London has a comfy bed, because you won’t be sleeping well tonight!

Nights at the museum

The perfect night out for friends and work colleagues, Dino-Snores at the Natural History Museum gives you a chance to sleep in the famous South Kensington Museum, amidst the moon rocks and the dinosaur skeletons. Whilst the children’s version gives kids stories and arts and crafts to keep them entertained till morning, the adult package offers up 3 course meals, stand up comedy, pub quizzes, animal workshops, all night monster movie marathons and even gin sampling.

Late at Tate

The Late at Tate events happen every last Friday of the month and bring a wide range of events to the Tate Modern gallery on the bankside. From DJ’s to poetry, the LAte at tate event is a unique experience encompassing many different art forms, and giving the public the chance to explore the Tate Modern Museum after dark.


The Riverlights tour is an after dark sailing experience which takes you through the River Thames and canals, giving you a chance to see the city from a different perspective. Amidst the glittering skylines from the river, you will be treated to jazz music, canapes and champagne.