You’ve got twenty minutes before your airport gate closes and you’ve only just checked in, then when you land you need to find a taxi fast because that hotel you booked only allows check ins before 6pm. Once you’ve made it there, you’ve got one hour to get to that client drinks meeting. That’s the problem with travelling, whether on business or for pleasure, you’ll always be on a schedule and that schedule may not factor in a healthy diet. It’s hard enough to eat healthily in your own time, but when faced with a tight schedule and a range of not so healthy culinary delights from the nationality you’re visiting, it can be very difficult indeed. Although accommodation like the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London can accommodate for many different dietary requirements, other hotels may not and the culinary norm changes drastically from country to country. Below are a few tips on how to combat a bad diet on your travels.

trip planning

Plan ahead of your trip

Wherever you’re travelling, whatever the time, always organise where potential eateries which suit your needs are in relation to your accommodation. This is especially important for those with specific dietary requirements such as allergies and intolerances. For instance, if your gluten intolerant, check the local pizzeria’s have gluten free options, whilst vegans would probably want to avoid a fish and chip shop if there are no alternatives for them. Taking time is easier said than done, but that extra phone call to a hotel or an airline service about their meal choices in-flight, could make all the difference between a happy healthy traveller and a guilty fast food trip.

Avoid alcohol, fatty foods and sugar

This one should be a given. If you want to keep your weight down during your trip then avoid foods high in sugar and fat. If you don’t want to drink, avoid the bars!

Pack dried fruit and nuts

We can’t help getting hungry between meals. When we do, we tend to snack on whatever is in front of us. Therefore, it’s important that your snack is something healthy which’ll keep the temptation for unhealthy eating at bay. One hunger pang buster is the classic dried fruit and nut combination. With this you get a great combination of proteins and vitamins whilst giving you the energy you need to soldier on to your next proper meal.

Take time to peruse your local vendors

Wherever you’re staying, whether it be in accommodation in Paddington London or the deserts of Morocco, always take time to check your local food outlets. Finding the place which is right for you is of utmost importance, especially if dieting or suffering from allergies. Knowing where you can and can’t eat can be the difference between a great day out and a hangry one.

Stay hydrated

One of the most important ways to stay healthy whilst travelling is to keep yourself hydrated. Especially in warmer climates, having water to hand is crucial. We are 60% made of it after all.