Tips and Tricks to Simplify your London Tube Experience


When in London, it’s vital for visitors to acknowledge the fact that the London Underground locally referred to as the Tube is by far, the fastest and most economical way to get around the city. This awe-inspiring system of London tubes is an experience that swiftly takes you from one zone to another and is now one of the most prized London attractions. If you know how to navigate it right, you can have a great experience visiting your choice of places with ease.

The London Tube is one of the oldest travel networks not only in London but around the world. Being the heartbeat of the city, it connects you from one zone to another, from one attraction to another and acts as a lifeline for visitors travelling on a budget or wanting to save on being stuck in the London traffic. Here are some tips to ride the London Underground from your centrally located, amenity-rich Park Grand Paddington Court stay.

  1. Avoid Rush Hour

Avoid travelling during rush hours, as it is the busiest time of the day, and the trains/tube are often packed with office commuters. The London tube network is especially busy from 7.30 am to 9 am, early morning and 5 pm to 7 pm in the evening. Travel at other times to dodge the rush hour and you are sure to have a much more pleasant experience!

  1. The ‘Right’ Side of the Escalator

The most important escalator etiquette in London is to stand on the right if you are not walking up the elevator. Be considerate of other commuters by standing on the right side of the escalator on the London Underground and allow those who are in a hurry to walk by on the left side.

  1. Get the App

If you’re looking for the quickest way to get around London, this is for you!

Download the official London Underground app, TfL Go, before you ride the tube and don’t hesitate to use it. The app helps you plan your journey ahead, check live arrival times, see what facilities are available at each station and even get disruption alerts, if any.

  1. Give the Free Newspapers a Once-over

A top tip to utilise your time wisely!

Browse the free newspapers that are available at most London Underground stations. These newspapers often have articles about what happened in London the night before, as well as listings of upcoming events that you can head to. Plus, they have reviews of several restaurants near Paddington Station and theatres as well, so you can plan your days ahead.

  1. A Pocket Map is a Must

If the London underground system seems a bit overwhelming for you, don’t worry! Pocket maps are available at most London Tube stations and are a great way to help you find your way. These maps are small and easy to carry, and they can be very helpful in navigating new routes from your accommodation in Paddington, London.

  1. Stay Near a Well-connected Tube Station

When visiting London, especially if it’s your first time, the best choice is to choose accommodation near one of the tube stations. This will allow you to easily get around the city and see all the sights that you planned while booking the best London hotels on deals. Some of the best areas to stay in London are Paddington and Kensington in central London.

  1. Oyster card/contactless card

It’s vital that you buy an Oyster card, available at any TfL station, to save yourself from the hassle of buying individual tickets. Travel seamlessly across the city with the easy-to-use Oyster card, simply touch it on the reader when you enter and exit a station. In fact, you can also use a contactless card to pay for your journeys on the tube. All you need to do is tap your card on the reader when entering and exiting a station.

It’s safe to say that you can trust London’s incredible tube network to take you through the city, while at the same time helping you save on the travel part generously!