Regent’s Park has always been one of the most visited parks in London and is made of an extensive 410 acres of land. Based in the borough of Camden, Regent’s Park is not only home to the annual Frieze Sculpture exhibit but is also home to London Zoo and Regent’s University of London. On top of this Regent’s Park has a stunning view over the city from its Primrose Hill, a prime hotspot for tourists and celebrities alike to enjoy a beautiful view and picnic. Not bad for a single park and not one to miss for guests at Hotels Near Paddington Station London. With so much to do in the Grade I listed Regent’s Park, you’d be forgiven for missing the incredible Frieze Sculpture exhibit.


The exhibition has amassed 25 sculptures from some of the most talented 20th century and contemporary artists in the world, all showcasing their breath-taking works before the October art fairs open. The exhibition also offers a guided tour and visitors can download an audio tour app for freedom from the big groups. The sculpture fair runs into October and is not one to be missed. Below you can find some information on some of the artists who have collaborated on this innovative project.

Thomas J Price

Thomas J Price from London has created a stunning triple portrait of men from African origin. These huge three dimensional faces are a wonder of depth, space and the human face. Price himself is an artist who most recently has been working with figurative sculptures and studied at the Chelsea College of Art and the RCA. His interests lie in body language and facial expressions, especially the complex and subtle changes in them and what this can tell about the figures emotion and internal changes.

Alicja Kwade

Alicja Kwade’s dizzying riddle made of two rocks and a mirror suggests feelings of disorientation and multiple dimensions whilst also bringing a hint of the magical to the most grounded and longstanding of earthly landmarks – the rock. Alicja Kwade is a sculptor and installation artist who has had works included in the Reykjavik Art Museum, the About Change Collection and the Musee d’art in Luxembourg on top of many others. This just goes to show how far her influence reaches and in how wide spread her works have been showcased.

Reza Aramesh

Reza Armesh’s beautiful metamorphosis of a mythical animal and subjected figure is a beautiful metal stature which will stay imprinted on your mind for a long time after seeing it. Reza Armesh is a graduate of Goldsmith’s in London and is known for her incredible sculptures, showcased at galleries including the platform gallery and the Late at Tate Britain. She has been working as an artist since the late 90’s and the Frieze collection sculpture on display in the Regent’s Park Gardens is just one of her many visceral pieces.

Ugo Rondinone

Ugo Rudinone’s incredible white enamelled bronze tree is one of the most eye catching of the exhibition. The tree stretches up into the sky with spindling wizened branches, conveying both starkness and natural beauty warped into something surreal.