The most exciting things to do in London on a long Hethrow layover

The most exciting things to do in London on a long Hethrow layover

Frequent travellers and globe trotters know how boring long layovers can get. But if you want and manage your time well you can constructively use the time spent in long layovers. Long layovers can give you a quick sneak peek into the city where your journey breaks for a layover. Though this adventure might not be possible if your layover is too short or over a city where the airport is far from the main city centre without an efficient mode of commute. But if you have a long layover over a city like London, then you surely can do a lot of exploring. This is because London Heathrow airport has excellent connectivity to the central part of the city which makes it perfect to be able to see some nice attractions while you are trying to kill time on a long layover. 

If you want to refresh and relax before you start your layover adventure then you book a hotel near Paddington. The fast Heathrow express train that starts from Heathrow airport gets you direct to the grand Paddington Station, from this station you can access the tube to see the desired London neighbourhoods or you can explore the lovely Paddington area too.  

If you want to enjoy a lovely meal in one of the popular London restaurants then you can choose from a wide range of restaurants near Paddington Station. From cafes, bars, pubs to fine dining restaurants you will find a plethora of options to eat, drink and have a hearty meal in a relaxing environment. 

As an advice, you must check your layover is around 10 over 10 hours then only it’s worth venturing out. Anything less than this can put you at the risk of reaching the airport back in time and missing your flight. Make sure your baggage will reach the final destination and also you have a valid visa or passport that allows you to venture out in London city. You must make sure that you don’t have a long transit from one flight to another for the other leg of your journey. If you have a long layover at London’s Heathrow airport, here’s a list of things you can see and do. 

Explore Paddington and the nearby areas

The swift Heathrow express train will land you in the lovely and lush neighbourhood of Paddington. Buzzing and bustling with offices, cafes, bars, canals, the iconic Paddington Bear statue and more, this neighbourhood gives you a great London experience. For a lovely experience in the city book an accommodation in Paddington London’s lovely area.

Things you can see here are the serene and calm areas of Little Venice. Located near the canal you can enjoy a boat ride, a meal at one of the cafes or a pub. Little Venice has other attractions like the puppet theatre barge or a canalside walk.

You can explore one the most popular royal parks of London from here- the Hyde Park. This massive park offers a lush green space to enjoy a picnic, a nice long trek or a boating in the serpentine lake, and feed the ducks. A great place to enjoy with friends, family or even alone. All this and more that too in the heart of the city.

Explore Green Park

Explore Green ParkOne more place in London you can directly reach from the tube from London’s Heathrow airport is the Green Park area of London. From here you can visit Buckingham Palace and the garden’s around. Witness the changing of guards if you are there in the morning hours. Enjoy a fancy high-tea at the Ritz hotel or have a nice picnic in the lush Green Park. You can easily walk to Regent’s Street from here to enjoy London’s shopping and the vibe of London city. If your layover is not very long, it is the place to explore and then take the tube back to the airport so that you avoid London traffic and reach the airport in time. 

London tours 

If you want to explore more than just one neighbourhood of London while you have a long layover in London then you can book some popular tours too. Some cab services provide you a private car and chauffeur that takes you around London and makes you witness its most prime locations and attractions. This gives you the freedom to customise your tour and also do it at your own sweet pace. It’s vital you keep in mind the travel time and expected delays because of London traffic. Also, this is an expensive tour. Other ways of exploring the city on a budget are the Hop-on-hop-off bus tours. The most popular way of exploring London city. You can explore all the main attractions of London along with enjoying the ride on an open top double-decker bus. You can get off and get on several stops designated by the bus tour. If you are a self-explorer, you can even explore the city on a self-guided tour. 

Other places to explore near London

If you are someone who doesn’t fancy the hustle bustle of London city and wants to explore a quaint and scenic town instead. A number of towns and cities close to London city as well as the Heathrow airport include some picturesque villages like Datchet, Marlow. Bray and many more. Other places you can visit are Windsor and Eton- explore the Windsor castle here, one of the royal residences of England. This castle was also the venue of Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding. If you are on a long layover with kids or family you can even explore the Legoland of the UK. 

If all the above is not what you want and feels overwhelming to plan and do. Then you can have a nice relaxing and refreshing time by checking in one of London’s comfortable hotels, that are also conveniently located within the easy reach of the airport. To enjoy this you can keep a lookout for some great deals on London hotels.