A royal stay in the capital city


The Royal Family in London attracts many millions of people throughout the year, not only do people from around the world travel to the capital city for the royal tours, but simply to stand and witness in awe of one of the most loved families in the world.

Since November 2010 when the long awaited  royal engagement was announced the interest in the royal family has shot through the roof, anticipation over the engagement, the wedding and then whether or not Kate would fall pregnant or whether she would wait, the public didn’t have long to wait to find out that Kate was in fact carrying a new price who would become 3rd in line to the thrown and follow in his fathers foot steps. Prince Harry has also played a huge part in changing the public’s perception on the royal family, he has a very out going, welcoming and friendly approach to life and as much as he respects his royal heritage and status, he is also keen to show the world that he is actually a young man who enjoys the same activities and pass times as any other.


When the royal family have an announcement, or recently a second royal birth, it attracts many millions of people to the capital city to witness the growth, change and developments of the royals, people from all round the world flock to the capital in their thousands to hopefully get a glimpse of the action. Hotels in London are in huge demand all around the year, more so when a royal event or occasion is taking place, often people make advanced reservations to avoid disappointment, each hotel no matter what the rating might be will be sold out no doubt or close to selling out. If one is hoping to travel to London at any time of the year and is hoping to have a stay fit for the royal family then Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel is one of the best options, it is not only affordable, stylish, sleek and modern, it also offers an exclusive service to clients.

Being situated at the northern quarters of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, one is never far away from  beauty and tranquil settings, the nearest tube stations are as follows

Lancaster Gate – Central Line

BaysWater – Circle and District Line

Paddington – Bakerloo, Circle and District Line

Queens Way – Central Line

Within the area guests are able to easily find their way to Kensington Palace, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, The Royal Albert Hall, Earls Court, The Marble Arch, Edgware Road, Oxford Street and so much more.

When it comes to dining options there are many options within this vicinity to keep everyone appease, here some exclusive restaurants and eateries can be sought out especially for the evening, other options include afternoon tea which offers some of the most exquisite bites and tastes, treats and delights, no matter what one is hoping to achieve when it comes to dining it can be accomplished here.

There are many wonderful options when it comes to the capital city, and if one is travelling to witness, seek out or enjoy a royal celebration the staying in a choice of accommodation that allows for guests to have a 5 star experience and a grand time then as mentioned Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel is one of the finest options. So far discussions have revolved around a leisure stay, but what about the other main reason people to come London, what about corporate guests.