Rainy days, lots of fun


London is a place where it rains hardly but there are some things that you can do when it’s raining there and save yourselves.  Here we have listed some things that you can try in London when it’s raining.

Visit Draught’s board game café.
Here you can play some games with your mates like the scrabble. You can choose from a variety of 500 games in this relaxing place. This is the best place for those who love to play games.

Four Quarters.
This is another gaming zone. This is bar with many video games and a great menu. You can enjoy your games and food at the same time.


Drink, Shop & Do.
This is the place to be more innovative. This is a wonderful café and here you can see many activities from dance to music that can entertain everyone here. So just eat here, drink and do some shopping.

Watch a movie
Watching a movie in the rain can be a great idea. There are many good cinema halls where you can enjoy a movie. You can see the details of the current cinemas online.

Take a tour.
Taking a rain tour can be a great idea. You can learn many things and enjoy some good time. You can check out the details of such tours online. You can also get a good hotel to stay in London. You can also stay at the Paddington London hotels and enjoy a great time. You can book your hotel room online and enjoy your stay.

This is a wonderful book shop with amazing variety of books. You can have a good time there. You can come here and spend good time.


This is the most innovative and relaxing café. The food here goes free but you need to pay for every minute you spend at the café. You can spend good time here. Once you pay for the hours you sit, you can have unlimited food here. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi here. There are also some workshops and events and you can have great entertainment. So if you are a foodie then just pop in.

St Martin-in-the-Fields.
This café has a lovely atmosphere. You can also try brass rubbing activity here at £4.50. You can learn how to do it and take the done work to your home. This is the best place for creative people.

Hint Hunt.
This is a crystal maze thing. You can find this close to the Euston station. You can come here with your friends and have some great time. You will be given one hour to solve the puzzle and go through the obstacles but if you are not able to do the task in the given time, you will be locked in the room. So just go ahead and enjoy the real game.

Theatre tour.
Learning more about the backstage of any theatre is very interesting. You can take a theatre tour that allows you to learn more about the backstage thing. There are many theatres that offer such tours. National Theatre and the Royal Opera offer the best glimpses at the back of the stage at the most reasonable rates. You can book a show after the tour so that you can enjoy one full day here. This is the best thing to be done for those people who like to watch some love movies.

Have some good time at the Greenwich Planetarium.
Sit at the relaxing place for a great for a great astral show that you will find truly interesting. This is the best one for those who like astronomy.

Enjoy bowling at the bowling lane
If you really want to escape yourselves from the rains then you can go to one of the many bowling lanes in London. You can go there alone or with friends. You can get here good deals. You can also enjoy here Karaoke rooms. There are also some refreshments that you can enjoy along with the bowling.

Bowling Alley

British Library.
This is one of the best libraries in the world.  You can take a good book and read sitting in a peaceful environments. The reading room have a very good atmosphere and you can have some great time at this place. The library has got a great collection of books of different subjects and you can search for a good book. You can even spend whole day here.

Pottery Café.
This is a wonderful café with a nice atmosphere. You can enjoy here especially when it is raining outside. People of any ages can come here and enjoy. You can give your loved ones personalised gifts. If not birthdays then you can decorate your homes with some good creative art pieces. This is the best place for the innovative people.

Go to the market.
London is a great place full of many markets. You can search through many market and have some good time. There are many good markets like the Old Spitalfields where you can enjoy marketing. You can spend whole day here. There are many good stalls that sell everything here including food. There are also many good cafes around to have some good refreshments.

Be cool at the indoor ice rink.
If it’s raining outside then just go ice skating. London has many good indoor skating rinks where you can enjoy skating. Alexandra Palace has a very good indoor rink and you can also enjoy karaoke and bowling there.

Go down your sorrows in bottomless brunch.
It’s time to forget all your sorrows and relax for some time. You can enjoy best food at the bottomless brunch. You can enjoy a variety of food items at this place. The food here is reasonable and you can have a great time here.