A Quick Guide For Solo Women Travellers In London


London is a city that caters to all ages, tastes and – of course – genders. Whilst it may seem overwhelming and busy on the surface, London is far from the antisocial maze that it might seem on the surface. As an English speaking city with a great transport network and plenty to do, female guests of London hotel special offers will find that solo trips aren’t as lonely as you might first think.

This guide will help female visitors in London to stay safe and enjoy their visit to the city, outlining the best places to eat, sleep and explore during a stay. Whether you’re here for business or for pleasure, sometimes going solo can help you spread your wings and soak in the city the way that you want to. 

An Overview Of London

London is a city that stretches over 1500 square kilometres and has almost 2000 years of history to its name. The city is a popular destination for solo travellers of all genders and thanks to its CCTV, well-lit streets and tourist hubs, is usually perfectly safe if you keep to the beaten track at night. With so much to explore and see, accommodation like the Park Grand Paddington Hotel provide efficient and easy access to many of the 32 boroughs in London, providing solo female travellers with peace of mind and comfort in equal measure. 

Crime Is Rare But Subtle

So, what’s crime like in London? The truth of the matter is that almost every urban hub is going to have some semblance of a crime problem, but in London, violent attacks are most often isolated incidents and between gangs or locals. The crime that tourists need to keep on their toes about is pickpocketing. Make sure to keep your valuables zipped up and in close proximity, and if you are visiting a cafe or another public space, don’t leave your possessions unattended. 

Don’t Wear Headphones At Night

Most robberies are committed by opportunists, so at night time make sure to keep vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Whether you are visiting a cashpoint or simply walking back to your accommodation in Paddington London, keep your wits about you and your phone at hand. 

Regular Contact

Keep in regular contact with a loved one or friend back home. This will help keep peace of mind for both yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t Drink Too Much When Out Alone

Of course, if you make friends when you’re on your solo trip, then this rule may not apply to you, but as mentioned above, it’s good to keep your wits about you at night. When you are a solo traveller you are suddenly more responsible for your well being, and whilst unforeseen events may happen, keeping alert and sensible will help you to avoid most situations. 

Know Your Route Home

Digital tools like Google Maps and CityMapper will be your best friend when navigating London’s public transport system. London’s many options for travel can be overwhelming but the flexibility of this will make for even more opportunity for sightseeing and discovery.

London Underground

The London Underground serves 272 stations and includes the docklands light railway and overground services. The Victoria, Northern, Central, Piccadilly and Overground London lines work either in full or in part on Saturday and Friday nights. These lines are well staffed and may be less frequent, but provide safe late night travel for visitors who are new to the city. 

London Bus Services

Alongside the Underground, London bus services have a wealth of nighttime buses throughout the week. The London bus system is efficient, speedy and even offers buy one get one free fares when you take two buses within half an hour of each other. 

Taxis And London

London has its own Hackney Cab service that is well known throughout London. You can also download the Uber cabs app which runs throughout the week, 24/7 from all areas of the city. Make sure to never get in a taxi that you haven’t ordered yourself and make sure that the taxi driver is licensed. 

And Keep To Well-Lit And Busy Streets In The Nighttime

Most streets in London are well lit, but make sure that if you are walking home late at night, to avoid parks or darker streets. Main roads have a lot of traffic through the evenings so if you end up having to walk some distance back to your accommodation, keep safe by sticking to busier roads and streets. 

Where Is Best To Stay?

So where is best to stay for a solo traveller? These areas are known for their ideal locations, safety and nearby attractions. 

South Kensington

With many hotels and restaurants near Paddington Station, this affluent area of West London sees little crime and has a large police presence. It’s for this reason and its well-connected stations that hotels and hostels in the area are a great choice for solo travellers. What’s more, attractions such as the Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall and the V&A are great places to lose yourself in an exhibition or music concert. 


This beautiful area of southeast London has a wealth of royal history, museums and stunning views over the Canary Wharf area of London. As a relatively safe borough and one with DLR and Jubilee Line links into the centre of the city, Greenwich offers visitors pleasant riverside walks, attractions such as Greenwich Park and the Greenwich Observatory as well as an abundance of street food and restaurant options in the guise of Greenwich Market. 

Highbury & Islington

With great connections into central London via the Victoria and Overground lines, Highbury & Islington has a wealth of scenic canalside walks, cultural centres in the form of theatre pubs and a lot of upmarket restaurants to tantalise your tastebuds.  

City Of London

The City of London is the historic heart of the English capital, with a Roman and Mediaeval history that predates the Norman conquest of London. The City of London is also very central and safe and is home to cultural institutions such as the Barbican Centre and Whitechapel Gallery, as well as the Museum of London.