london on Budget

London may be one of the funnest, most diverse areas of Europe to visit on a holiday or business trip, but that doesn’t stop it from making a considerable strain on the bank balance. If you’re looking for that perfect trip to the city, whether with family, friends or colleagues, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you are living within your budget. There’s nothing worse than the dreaded card decline on an ATM machine when your mid holiday, so make sure you have planned accordingly, and take some tips from these great London on a budget gems.

Make the most of travel card deals

Whether it’s a daily travel card or an under 25 railcard, you can save heaps of money on the often pricey travel in the city. As mentioned before, this is a case of planning ahead, and ensuring that you know how much you’ll be travelling that day. With London oyster cards letting you travel in up to 8 zones, each comes with it’s own price. If you know you are going to be travelling over the daily cap every day in a week, it can be wise to invest in a weekly travel card for the zones you know you will be travelling within. There are plenty of other discounts as well, including family prices and group savers.

Take a note of peak times

Peak times will also affect your travel prices. Fares on the tube can reach up to a third more of what they are during off peak times. On top of this, peak times in London can mean busier tube stations and a less comfortable journey.

Take advantage of London’s free museums

If you are visiting South Kensingtons Museum Row, you’ll be in for a family treat. Not only are the museums located there, consisting of the Victoria and Albert museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum some of the most historic and eclectic in the country, but they are also all completely free when visiting their permanent exhibitions. Add the British Museum, Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood and a wide range of art galleries including the London Tate galleries and the National Portrait Gallery to the list and you have yourself heaps of free, mind expanding and absorbing days out in the city.

Discounted entertainment

If you’re looking for a great night out in the capital, you don’t need to flash your cash to have a great time. With plenty of smaller comedy and music venues showing some of the best up and coming acts for no more than a fiver a pop at venues such as the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green and the shacklewell arms in Dalston, you’re in the right place for entertainment in the city.

Make the most of hotel deals

For an outsider, 4 star hotels in central London may seem expensive, but once you take a look at the amazing deals on rooms at the London Park Grand Central Paddington you’ll be amazed at how great value these luxury hotels can be. With amenities and breakfasts thrown into the deal, you’ll be living a life of luxury and still be able to budget!