Once you’ve arrived in London, you’ll find that you’ll barely have time to think, let alone plan. There is so much on offer here that it’ll be difficult to organise yourself so your best bet is to get it down before you head to the city. That’s why we’ve compiled just a few of the things which you’ll have to think about before you begin your big London adventure!

hotel booking

Book travel for your trip

Where are you coming from? If you’re in England then it’s best to book a train or coach in advance whilst if flying in, the airports into London are extensive. Airports into London include Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, London City Airport and Stansted. The Eurostar gets you in from mainland Europe to Pancras International in mere hours as well.

Where are you staying?

Accommodation prices vary in London from communal hostels to boutique hotels. For great value hotels try the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London whilst there are countless air B n B’s if you’re looking for a flat.

Getting Around

Mastering public transport in London is key to enjoying your time there. There are plenty of options for those wanting to get around quickly and this includes the Barclays Bike. These nifty bicycles make the most of the London Cycle Highway which has created a web through and around the city. On top of this, the tube service runs all the way through the city and oyster cards are easy to get hold of. Many deals exist in terms of travel so make sure you look at all your options regarding what you’ll need and for how long.

Street Food

Where to eat and what to see

Again, organisation is key. Whether you’re looking for Restaurants near Paddington Station or booking a table at a swanky Chelsea nightclub, you’ll need to look at your options way in advance. The city is a diverse hubbub of different cultures so you’ll no doubt be spoilt for choice upon arrival, whatever your tastes may be.

Check your Passport

Make sure your passport is valid and that the visa controls have been adhered to in your prep time. Border control is getting stricter these days and you wouldn’t want to be rejected from a great holiday if your passport is not up to scratch.

Make document copies

It’s true that London can get damp, even in the blazing summer heat, so to stop your important documents such as travel insurance, passports and check in references from getting soggy, always pack more than one copy. The Thames is a large river and there are many bridges you’ll be taking over it…

money exchange

Exchange your money

Unfortunately for mainland Europeans, England has it’s own currency which means exchanging money before you travel to the city. Make sure you find the best deals by doing some research before you head.

Clever Packing

You never know what the weather will be like in London so make sure you’ve packed everything you need for a comfortable trip. Even if the forecast says no rain, bring a raincoat along with you.