Everything You Need To Know About The O2 Arena


London is home to a wide range of tourist attractions. From the historic to the modern, there’s a reason why London is one of the busiest tourist cities in the world and guests of the London accommodation offers in the centre of the city can easily reach many of the landmarks and attractions across the 32-borough English capital. 

But to truly experience everything London has to offer, nothing beats the O2 Arena. Formerly the Millennium Dome, this southeast dockland oddity is a huge exhibition space, shopping centre and tourist attraction, all packed up in one. Easy to reach from hotels in Lancaster Gate via the Jubilee Line, the O2 Arena is a multifaceted entertainment space that offers far more than its circus tent-adjacent structure might let on.

The O2 Arena and its large complex provide a wealth of incredible activities for guests of London day packages to enjoy. This blog will explore the many exciting things that the multifaceted centre has to offer. 

History Of The O2 Arena 

The O2 Arena was originally known as the Millennium Experience in the year 2000, when it was opened as a marking of the 21st century. The Millennium Experience explored the ways that technological and digital innovations would change the 21st century. After its closure in 2001, the building was sold and redeveloped as an indoor venue. This redevelopment took another 6 years and the O2 Arena was eventually built. 

The O2 Arena’s building process was also very unique, in that the sheer scale of the arena roof meant that it had to be built without using external cranes. Instead, it was built by building the roof on the floor of the arena and then lifting it up to be secured. This is why there are still crane-like structures within the dome’s roof, their being used to lift and fit the roof. 

The arena itself takes up almost half of the O2’s space in the complex, the rest of it is used for shopping centre concourses and dining areas, all designed around the magnificently modern Thameside dome. 

Concerts At The O2

The O2 Arena is one of the largest of its kind in the world and can hold up to 20,000 people, standing and seated. The O2 Arena is multifunctional, and has been used as an ice rink, for sporting events and for many sellout tours for some of the most famous musicians in the world. These have included more than 20 shows run by Prince, world renowned music festivals and even the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce. 

Climbing The O2

The O2 Arena is not only a music venue, but a tourist attraction to rival even the London Eye’s views. The Climb The O2 Arena package allows visitors to climb the roof guided by a professional climbing instructor.. Don’t worry, there are harnesses! Climb The O2 Arena is available for day, sunset and twilight hours and can be booked alongside a dining experience in the O2 Arena, for corporate group packages and for educational purposes too. The perfect day out for a couple, the views from atop the O2 Arena offers 360 degree panoramas of Greenwich Park, the Thames and even the Olympic Park near Stratford.

Shopping At The O2

The shopping centre attached to the O2 Arena is second to none, offering all your favourite brands and outlets within an airy and spacious 2-level concourse. From fashion to tech and household items, the O2 Arena is often visited for the simple pleasures of commerce.

Restaurants At The O2

Foodies who have worn out the restaurants near Lancaster Gate will be pleased to know that there are many options in and around the O2 Arena for dining. These include high street classics such as All Bar One and Ask Italia and more niche outings like Cabana for Latin and South American food and Gordon Ramsay Street Burger, for top of the line, artisan fast food.


With the largest cinema screen per number of seats, the Cineworld in the O2 Arena is one of the most popular in South London. There are 4 screens to choose from, all with unique attributes that make them stand out. 

The first is the 4DX experience, which includes moving seats and sensory additions such as water, fog, wind and even scents, enhancing the viewing experience. The VIP screen is a members only and special event cinema screen that offers unlimited cinema snacks and reclining seats for ultimate comfort. The ScreenX is a 270 degree screen that runs out of your peripheral vision, making every thrilling moment all the more realistic. The Superscreen is an enhanced surround sound experience that allows you to see movies the way that the filmmakers intended. All in all then, the Cineworld at the O2 Arena is one of the most innovative in London. 

TOCA Social

This events space is a one of a kind bar and venue that is located in the Entertainment District of the O2 Arena. You’ll find top of the line cocktails, interactive football games and foosball tables. On top of this, there are 17 interactive playing spaces for games and virtual reality entertainment as well as Micheline Trained dining – perfect for an event, celebration or birthday rental!

Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is situated below the TOCA Social and is none of the most popular bowling franchises in the world. Try your luck in the arcade area and enjoy ten pin bowling at its very best.

Boom Battle Bar

From street food to cocktail menus,the Boom Battle Bar is a lavishly designed interior games area that includes crazy golf, shuffleboard, digital darts and many more party games. A great way to spend an afternoon with friends, the Boom Battle Bar is a must for the competitive social animal. 

Oxygen Freejumping

This one of a kind experience provides customers with a chance to experience what it’s like to skydive – all without the vertigo. Often used to train professional skydivers and hikers planning high altitude walks, this one can be enjoyed for fun and group sessions as well as the more serious trainees too.