Why Paddington is a great place to stay when visiting London

Why Paddington is a great place to stay when visiting London

When people think about Paddington, they will often find themselves picturing either the vast train station with its connections across the UK, or the famous bear in his blue anorak clutching a marmalade sandwich.

Paddington is a place where modern experience meets traditional architecture, and where tourists flock and gather on their way from their Paddington London Hotels to central attractions such as Regent’s Park and the ZSL London Zoo, Hyde Park, and so much more.

With that said, what makes Paddington such a great place to stay in London? And how can you make sure to get the most from your stay – whether it’s a short weekend or a full week away?

The Experiences

By far the best thing about Paddington is its location in the heart of London, a stones throw from two of the city’s most famous and popular parks, as well as the infamous Oxford Street, and the scores of attractions which surround the areas of the River Thames and Westminster as a whole. Whether you’re visiting London for a family weekend, a short break with a loved one, or travelling for work, staying in Paddington means you can experience a new sight every day – spending one day trawling the shops of Oxford Street before finding brunch in Notting Hill the next, and passing the hours strolling through the parks.

Other notable sights and destinations in and around the Paddington area include:

  • Paddington Waterside and Little Venice, complete with canal boats and waterside eateries
  • Some of the best pubs and restaurants in London
  • Kensington Palace and other attractions within Hyde Park, including Speaker’s Corner
  • Unexpected walks, such as the canal towpath which takes you to the Sheldon Square amphitheatre
  • ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park
  • Madame Tussauds, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, and other cultural and entertaining experiences for the family
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • London’s West End, perfect for a night of dinner, drinks, and a show

And that’s not all. Despite its proximity to so much of London’s entertainment and attractions hotlist, Paddington remains a relatively peaceful and luxurious area to call home during your stay in London; featuring its quintessential old London feel with the tall white townhouse buildings, quaint pubs, and leafy streets. This means that while your days are full of lively encounters, spent in the hustle and bustle of the city, your evenings and early mornings can be spent in peace – enjoying the views of London waking up from your hotel room window.

In short, Paddington offers the best of both worlds – with the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel and other Paddington London Hotels presenting the chance to spend your day’s out and about, and your evenings in peaceful luxury.   

The Convenience

Paddington benefits from great access around London via train, tube, bus, or on foot. It is the only station in London with a direct trainline to Heathrow Airport – a journey which takes around 30 minutes – and is widely considered to be a transport hub not just for London but for the entire UK, making it a great place to stay regardless of where you are travelling from.

If you are looking to make travel a part of your overall experience, Paddington also offers access to some of the most exciting and innovative ways of getting around the city – with some of the best options including the open top bus tours around the city, the canal with its boats and the opportunity to paddleboard and get on the water for yourself, and of course the famous Boris bikes which can be hired from outside of most major stations and used to experience the best of London on two wheels. Paddington is also close enough to most major central London attractions for transport on foot, following the many weaving and winding streets.

As well as being a transport and travel hub, Paddington also offers convenience with regards to the eateries and bars around the area, the shops and proximity of London to some of London’s major shopping districts, and the quantity of different Paddington London hotels options for tourists – ranging from budget stays to luxurious staycations.

The Paddington London Hotels

The Paddington London HotelsNo matter what your budget or situation, there is a Paddington London hotel for you. Most online travel sites will allow you to search for vacancies with a budgetary filter, enabling you to find the best deal for your travel dates and learn more about the hotel and its benefits. We recommend using this research stage to find out how the hotel is supporting ongoing safety precautions in the wake of the pandemic, for example the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel which highlights its Covid-19 policy on the website and ensures that guests are comfortable with all changes being made to the hotel experience prior to arrival.

Other things to look out for when finding your perfect Paddington London hotel include:

  • Check in and check out times
  • Proximity to your top must-see attractions and sights
  • Local restaurants
  • Popular amenities on offer, for example dining options and an onsite gym

How to make the most of your stay in Paddington

With Paddington such an ideal destination from which to conduct a full tour of London, we recommend breaking your must-see list into different days – spending one day taking in the natural splendour of London’s finest parks, and another strolling through Notting Hill as you seek out the famous bookshop owned by Hugh Grant in the movie ‘Notting Hill’ and finding your perfect coffee from one of many independent artisan coffee shops. Another day might be spent on Oxford Street, while another is dedicated to checking off and getting a selfie with the royal guards outside Buckingham and Kensington Palace.

No matter what your plans, every day should start with a hearty English breakfast – such as that offered by the Park Grand Paddington London Hotel – and end full of memories from a great day out.