Visiting the Museum of London


The Museum of London documents the history of the capital from prehistoric times to today. As such, if you’re looking to understand how this city has built itself to be what it is today then you absolutely must visit this venue. While most Museums in the capital focus on aspects that pertain to histories of other countries, or specific events in London’s history i.e. war at the London Royal Air Museum – the Museum of London gives you the broader picture.

Founded 40 years ago, The Museum of London can be found 300 metres away from St Pauls. It packs in a whole host of exhibitions during the calendar year. Some of them include: Looking for Londoners, Show Space, London Dust, We are London, Zeppelin Offensive, Fire! Fire!, Tattoo London, the Crime Museum Uncovered, and the London 2012 Cauldron: designing a moment show. Some of these shows are free, while others cost between £5 and £15.

Galleries include: London before London, Roman London, Medieval London, War, Plague and Fire, The City Gallery, the Sackler Hall. The first of these galleries lets you see the Thames Valley in a new light – exploring the prehistoric story of the Thames Valley from 450,000 BC to the arrival of the romans in AD 50. The Romance London gallery displaying items like: a roman leather bikini, marble sculptures from the temples of Mithras, and rare limestones. The Museum of London is invitingly close to the Barbican complex – a cultural venue with a concert hall, theatres, cinemas, and galleries.

The museum of London is open between 10AM to 6PM – seven days a week. You can get to the Museum of London by rail tube or bus. The Museum of London is found close to both Barbican and St Paul’s station. Paid parking can also be found nearby, and cycle racks are also available right at the junction Noble Street and London Wall.

With the Park Grand Paddington Court London, you can enjoy the finer things the city has to offer from a comfortable walking distance. Besides, an in house delightful breakfast is served daily, while a few bars and restaurants can be found in the venue itself. With over 300 museums and galleries in the capital, it can be hard to decide which museums to visit. But the Museum of London is one of those venues that should be at the top of your list.