Why you should take a Big Bus Tour


Big bus tours London are some of the most popular means by which new visitors get an overview of London. Imagine what it would be like to be visiting the capital on your first day; not exactly sure on where to go, what to see, and what to do. Big Bus tours act as a foundational tool for new visitors to the city – in the sense that it gives them the understanding they need. With new knowledge of the city, which is provided by the on board guide, the audio commentary, and the hop off and hop aspect of the tour – visitors can feel accustomed to London life in no time.

London Eye

Views span across the entirely of the major attractions in the city – so visitors will get a glimmering view of the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, and much more. The Big Bus Tour Company first started its operation in 1991, and to this day – maintains 150 double-decker buses in the city of London.

What’s great about the buses is that the digital recorded commentary provided on-board can be experienced in eight different languages while the tour guides are highly experienced, and have an uncanny ability to entertain guests. On top of that, the service tends to provide an inclusive river cruise and guided walking tour. You might not have time to do both during your trip, so if you choose one over the other, then definitely go for the river cruise.

Big Bus tours are especially helpful for visitors who are only staying between two to four days in London – which is hardly enough time to get the full experience of the city. Naturally, a bus tour can sort of mitigate this, by providing a shortcut window into everything the city has to offer. Families can enjoy their stay at luxury accommodation like the Park Grand Paddington Hotel – which forms the many different London hotel packages.

In summary, make sure you take a Big Bus tour if you’re visiting London. It will help you get a broad view of the capital, enabling you to better navigate the city on the rest of your trip. Naturally, the earlier you do a Big Bus tour during your trip – the more likely it will benefit the rest of your time in London. You’ll be clearer on the sights and attractions you want to get to, and the particular areas you want to explore.