London’s Heritage of Creative And Performing Arts


Britain has a rich heritage of performing arts, with the city of London playing a key role. Not only does London’s West End house many widely acclaimed musicals, such as The Lion King, Blues Brothers and We Will Rock You, but it has a rich theatre background too, giving unknown actors the chance to be noticed and set them on the path of stardom. England, as a country, has also given the world some of the finest writers, with works from the likes of Jane Austen and William Shakespeare still being performed and studied today.

British BroadCasting House

It is of little surprise then to realise that London is also a hub for recording British television too. The British Broadcasting House is home to the World’s largest live newsroom, which opened in 2006. However, the Broadcasting house has long since been iconic to London, ever since 1932 when the building was erected. Looking at the BBC Broadcasting house it’s clear to see that it was designed with the Art deco period in mind, with its seductive curves and obvious glamour, it’s a beautiful work of architecture. It is sometimes possible to obtain free tickets to be in the audience of popular TV and Radio shows whilst they are being recorded, and if you are lucky enough to get hold of some, you’ll get to admire the building from behind the doors, which is ararity for many.

The BBC Broadcasting House is on the Oxford circus line of the London underground, so is fairly easily accessed by public transport. It’s also a short walk from Great Portland’s Street too. It’s an interesting and intriguing place to visit if you’re staying at Park Grand Paddington Court London.

If you’re more into literary works, then you may wish to go along to Kensington Gardens to visit Peter Pan in London. This statue salutes one of best loved children’s stories of all time and is a nod to another great writer who was inspired by the city, J.M. Barrie who lived on Bayswater Road. There’s also a museum that displays all manners of memorabilia relating to the story of Peter Pan in the hospital museum in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

After a day of make believe, it’s time to get back to reality as you step back into the comfort of your hotel suite. Hotels near Osterley tube station aren’t too far away, so you can be back in the lap of luxury in no time at all if you are travelling around on the London underground. Whilst you’re in London, it may be worth looking into obtaining a travel Oyster card so that you can easily and quickly flit between using buses, trains and trams simply by presenting your prepaid card when you purchase your fares.