Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

As the heatwaves hit, London has become a hotbed for fun and tourism. With so many families taking their summer holidays to the city, the area can become a little bit overwhelming, even if you’re staying at luxury accommodation in Hyde Park London like the Paddington Hotel London. This is why during your stay in the city, it might be a good idea to have a few vanishing acts up your sleeve. For those days when the city gets a little too loud, hot and sweaty, options for fresh air and open space can bring much needed respite. Below you can find some of the most popular outings located outside of the city and in, giving you a chance to cool down outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Most of these are reachable by train or other forms of public transport and are the hidden gems Londoners DON’T want you to know about.

London Water fountains

Whether it’s the iconic Trafalgar Square or its the sprinklers in Embankment park, there are plenty of ways to cool down in the area of London. With the water feature outside of Central St Martins near Kings Cross, you can find a fountain you can truly interact with. With under fountain lighting and a range of patterns and displays, you’ll find kids and adults alike keeping cool in the plumes of water. Sit down and relax at one of the many bars and artisan coffee shops in the area, and watch the hot and bothered get soaking wet.

Lidos of London

London is well known for its swimming lido culture. The city is home to a range of historic and famous outdoor lidos which give you the chance to swim and relax by the pool all year long. With London Fields and Brockwell Lido bringing art deco patterns and a  long history of bathers, you’ll find cheap prices and cool waters keeping you relaxing all summer.

Kent coastlines

Kent is just an hour away on the train. Known as England’s garden, Kent is a beautiful part of the world, full of coastal towns and country walks. With the hip and happening Margate, the paradise of Whitstable and the beautiful beaches of Broadstairs, you’ll have plenty of coastline to explore in the South.

Chislehurst Caves

Based under south east London, Chislehurst caves cover 22 miles. These man made warrens have been created for the mining of flint and chalk between the 13th and 19th century. These caves are still open for tours, and take you through a dark journey through the bowels of the city. A great antidote to the blinding lights of Leicester Square and the hustle and bustle of commuter London.

Epping Forest

Located in the outskirts of East London and the border of Essex, Epping Forest is a well known forest spanning some 2400 hectares of land. This nature reserved woodland is home to deers and many other forest animals, giving a wonderful escape from the inner city grit of London. What’s more, you can visit Epping Forest via the underground, taking the central line all the way to Epping. Taking only around 45 minutes from central London, you can visit Epping Forest any time of the day and on a whim, making it a perfect escape plan.