The Clink Prison Museum: Everything you need to know


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If you are worried about the budget issue then you can look ahead to find out different ways that will cater to your concern. While going through several guides and travel books, you will get to learn that the most budget friendly plan to enjoy a London holiday is to visit most of the museums. The museums are free to visit in London. This is where you can save huge amount of money. Most of the time, visitors are seen exploring the London city museum which area wealth of knowledge and enlightenment. The museums are the places where you get to be close to the city’s historical exquisiteness. You get to know so much about the cultural vibrancy that it illuminates your vacation trip.

If you are planning to visit some of the most popular city museums while holidaying in London city, you must consider checking out the Clink Prison Museum. This is one of the most unusual yet popular museums to visit in the city of London. Staying over at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London will ultimately take you close to this popular museum.

The Clink Prison Museum: A brief introduction

This popular museum has its base in Southwark, right upon the original site of the Clink Prison. It used to function from the 12th century till 1780s. It was known as the most notorious prisons in England. It has ruled the nation’s history of crimes for almost 600 years. Apart from witnessing a huge change in the socio-political aspects of the history of England, this prison was also home to a large number of criminals. The list of sinners often included debtors, drunkards, heretics, religious adversaries and even harlots.
This area of Southwark has always been associated with all sorts of unruliness, vivacious in behavioral conduct and also for being the wicked neighborhood in the London City. This was again, the right place where Londoners were seen enjoying their regular dose of entertainment.

While coming over here, you will get to learn about the various scandalous events. a hands-on educational tour will await your arrival in this orison turned museum. Visit this place for exploring a wide array of archaeological artifacts, torture weapons used by the policemen and tales of torment which are preserved in the walls of the prison museum.

Opening Times

This museum is opened to the public at different times of the year.

From July to September, it remains open regularly from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

From October to June, the museum opens its gates to the public from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. During these months, the museum remains open on every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm. It is closed on the day of Christmas that is on the 25th December.

You need to take the tube to London Bridge and make your way to the Bankside of London city. This is how you can reach this popular Clink Prison Museum. This is not a free museum but displays a whole lot of interesting attributes which are worth the money paid. Make sure to visit this unusually cool prison museum that will make your vacation more memorable. This is definitely a must-visit place of interest which will surely make your holiday as much interesting as desired. Try to plan the trip well in advance and this will let you enjoy and explore every single bit of your holiday properly.