You’d expect London to be full of currency exchange stations, it is after all one of the most popular cities for international tourists in the world. In being so it should cater to all currencies, and whilst there are many centrally located areas where you can have your money exchanged, it’s always best to know the easiest to reach during your stay at the Park Grand Paddington Court London. The main concern should be ease of access; nobody wants to be trudging around searching for a currency exchange station as this is the last thing you want to be spending your holiday doing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the closest and best currency exchange stations in the city so that you’re stay with us can be even more stress free!

Currency Exchange

Thomas Exchange Global – Victoria Place Branch

Since 1993, Thomas Exchange Global has expanded into one of the most expert and best value exchange services in the country. This has led to its growth across the city of London where they have four different branches, providing foreign exchange specialists who are well versed in technological infrastructure and market analysis. The Victoria Place branch is located on the other side of Green Park to the Park Grand Paddington Hotel and is easily reachable via the Circle line from Paddington station to Victoria Station. This journey will take you around 25 minutes and will lead you into Victoria Place Shopping Centre.

The International Currency Exchange

The international Currency Exchange is also located in the Victoria area, in this case within Victoria Station. With a post code of SW1W 1JT, it should be relatively easy to find since it is located adjacent to platform 7. Although a smaller exchange office than TEG, this currency exchange desk in Victoria station has everything you’ll need, and easy access from the train services. For Park Grand Paddington Court guests, simply use the Circle Line once again to reach Victoria.


At 97, Buckingham Palace Road you will be able to find a Eurochange outlet. Open from 8am to 8pm, this branch is a small outlet based on Buckingham Palace Road. From the Park Grand Paddington Hotel, you can take the central line from Lancaster gate to Oxford Circus and the Victoria Line to London Victoria. From there, the Eurochange branch is a mere two-minute walk.

Access bureau

Based at 201 Victoria street, we have yet another Victoria based currency exchange station. The Access Bureau is easily reachable by taking an underground between Lancaster Gate and Victoria, connecting at Oxford Circus. This twenty-minute journey is also doable at a mere 23 minutes on the number 148 bus.

Victoria Street FX

Another Victoria Street based currency Exchange, the FX branch is located at 185 Victoria Street, meaning that again it is reachable via the Lancaster Gate to Victoria station underground route. FX is located in the heart of Victoria and therefore brings in many tourists and those looking to exchange money.