Best Things to Do in London’s Hyde Park


So you’ve booked into your hotel at the Park Grand Hotel Paddington and the weather is to die for. You have no plans for an hour or two and the sun is inviting you out into its warm embrace. What do you do? With so much on offer but so little time, you’re best bet is a trip down to Hyde Park, one of London’s biggest and multi-faceted royal parks. In this 350 acre park, you can find a vast wealth of things to do, whether your interests lie in sport art or politics. Below is a brief introduction to just some of the many fascinating attributes which the park has to offer.


Originally used by Henry VIII as a hunting ground, the park was opened to the public in 1637 and has since hosted many notable events, including the Great Exhibition, Proms in the Park and the yearly British Summer Time festival. The park is also home to the May Day Parades and has been the site for several duels between aristocrats and nobility, giving this beautiful park an exciting and chequered background.

Kensington Gardens

Built in honour of Caroline of Brunswick, Kensington Garden followed the fashion of sculpted gardens, using architecture and combining it with nature to create new dimensions for 18th century gardens. Orignally used as Caroline of Brunswick’s private garden, the area is fromed of fashionable sunken gardens, bridges and has a far more formal feel than the neighbouring Hyde Park. It was deemed more fashionable due to its close proximity to Kensington Palace and is now open to the public. With public footbridges, fountains and sculptures, visitors will find themselves at peace in the beautiful garden.

Serpentine Lake

The Serpentine Lake is what separates Hyde Park from Kensington Gardens and is well known for its abundance of water birds. Whether you’re there t feed the ducks or gaze upon the majestic Egyptian Geese, there is always an animal to see in Hyde Park. On top of this guests can rent out pedalos for the lake and can relax by its shores at the high class Serpentine Café. There is also a separated swimming area for those who don’t mind the brisk natural water!

Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery is an exhibition space made out of two different galleries. Here you can find exhibits from a variety of modern artists such as Grayson Perry and David Hockney, making it one of the best places to find the crème de la crème of modern art.

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is located very close to Hyde Park and was created in memory of Prince Albert after the Great Exhibition. The hall has hosted many famous concerts, both classical and in pop music and has a huge capacity, making it one of the most fashionable and iconic venues in the city. Notable guests at the Royal Albert Hall have included Pink Floyd, BBC Proms and even the Cirque Du Soleil.