London doesn’t come cheap. Whether it’s a dinner, a pint or just a theatre ticket, you can easily spend a lot of money when staying in London. With so much in the city which costs a lot of money, the real showstopper are the views, and better yet, the free ones. No one can put a price tag on your eyes, and if you’re crafty, you can find some truly breathtaking views of the city for absolutely no money whatsoever. It might take some urban exploration from you, but these views are accessible and perfect for a picnic in the oncoming summer sun.

Primrose Hill

Primrose HIll is one of the best known views in the city. From the North London paradise of Regents Park, walk towards the Camden side of the beautiful Royal Park and you’ll find yourself at one of the most famous views of London. Often used as a location for many a rom com, Primrose HIll gives you a stunning view over the London skyline and is the perfect place for a picnic. Regents Park is an alluring spot regardless, especially when you throw in the nearby Zoo and the incredible monuments and ponds of the park.

Telegraph Hill

Take a step out of your comfort zone and travelf romy oru comfy room at the Park Grand Paddington Court London and into the mystical reaches of the South East. If you’re looking for a great view near Peckham and Nunhead, perhaps your enjoying the art markets in the area or a spot of live music, then check out Telegraph HIll Park between New Cross and Peckham. The view over Canada Water, Canary Wharf and other iconic buildings has made this park a hotspot for new years eve and bonfire night celebrations, especially because you can see many of the associated fireworks displays from the beautiful hill.

Nunhead Cemetery

Tucked down one of the winding, lush lanes of this cemetery, one of the “Magnificent Seven” it should be added, Nunhead Cemetery has a view over the city of London peaked between dense foliage and the cool shade of this resting place come nature reserve. This truly is a secret view, and is usually stumbled upon rather than directly searched for. One of London’s best kept secrets, the Nunhead cemetery view is highly sought after but not often found.

Alexandra Palace

You might be going to a gig there or you may be exploring the area before returning to your accommodation in Paddington London, but this view gives you a good horizon, pin pricked by the shard and other central London buildings.

Greenwich Observatory

With Canada Water and Canary Wharf just across the river, Greenwich observatory has been strategically placed for the very reason for its former use. The whole point of an observatory is to be on high ground to get a prime view of the stars, and so the now closed telescope found a perfect spot in Greenwich Park. Now a museum, the observatory is the perfect spot for a breathtaking view of the city and a deep dive into its history.