What’s hot in London 2015


When anyone is seeking a city vacation they usually have an idea in mind of what they hope to achieve and experience, they often have some type of plan and itinerary in mind as well as reservations being made. Some people don’t make any plans and just take the days as they come, often this results in missed opportunity as doing research about what is on in a city will give the best guide to making the most of ones time in the capital.


If one is seeking an exciting time, filled with festivals and events then continue to read to see what is available and on in 2015.

Westbourne Summer festival,  Lebanese Festival, Eid Party for all, Film festivals, music festivals and so much more, if one is traveling with children there are many events that are interactive and fun that take place within the local libraries, often these mini clubs and experiences are exclusive for children under the age of 5. For people seeking a true festival experience the Love Box and Wire Less are amongst the best in the country year after year, with wonderful line ups and exclusive passes available, this is one of the finest festivals throughout the year, Blissfield’s is another festival, maybe not be as popular but offers a unique experience all the same and is certainly one that festival lovers should attend. Love Supreme Jazz festival offers an exclusive line up and a wonderful weekend of partying and dancing to be had. High Definition, T in the Park,  Latitude Festival, Truck festival is an eye opener and the Electric Daisy Carnival is a fun experience for everyone. There are many more festivals and events going on in London throughout the summer, this is to list but a few of the bigger events that take place each year.

One of the main pass times and most enjoyed experiences within the capital city is recorded to be a picnic in the park. Hyde Park offers some wonderful experiences from boat rides to quality time with the family, romantic lunches and much more, it is one of the most serene places within the city that offers people an escape from the madness the city can sometimes throw at people. Not only is this a popular place for people to come and enjoy throughout the year it is also a desirable area of accommodation choices when it comes to people seeking comfort, style and luxury whilst staying the city.

Park Grand Paddington Court London offers all guests a wonderful stay, it allows for people to relax and be comfortable, and with friendly staff always around to assist, help or advise this is one of the most perfect choices, it is located north of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, there are several tube connections located close by using the district and central lines.

As with all hotels in the UK this is also a smoke free hotel, there is a delectable restaurant on site for guests to be able to make reservations in and enjoy, there is also a fitness centre with a gym or a bar and lounge for guests to relax in. For people seeking more space the suites here will be very accommodating, or the family rooms if one is travelling in a small group. There is free internet available, room service and dry cleaning. The concierge service is always on hand to assist and as mentioned the staff are friendly, many of the staff here are multi-lingual so communication carriers are left to a minimum, and for corporate users, the business centre and facilities are available for hire and use. Each room is spacious and the beds are comfortable, they are made fresh daily with crisp linens and fresh towels as well as complimentary toiletries are provided.

This is an all round winning choice of hotel and offers a wonderful experience to all who give this accommodation the chance, it is ideally located, previous customer comments have included things such as “beautiful and affordable”      “bathroom sparkling clean”               “spacious and convenient”     “central location, great for business”    “friendly staff and good internet”

These types of comments and remarks demonstrate just hot wonderful this choice of accommodation is, don’t settle for less, especially if one is seeking a festival filled time in the city.