A Shopaholics Paradise – London’s Street Markets


If you are an avid shopper, London’s eclectic street markets are the coolest places to shop in the city. The sheer array of items for sale is mindboggling ranging from the coolest hipster clothing to simply amazing street food. From Brick Lane Market in East London to Portobello Road stalls in the west you will find a variety of clothing items, accessories, culinary treats, vintage and retro items and lots more. If you are looking for souvenirs of your trip to London, these are the places to head to. A trip to London would be a waste if you do not visit any of its famous street markets.

London street market

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Borough Market:

The oldest and most popular food market in London is Borough Market that is dominated by the Shard as a backdrop. The market opens from Wednesdays to Saturdays from early morning to late afternoon. When you set out to explore the market you will realise it is quite unlike other street markets that sell food. There is a diverse array of food stalls, some of which have been in the business for generations to new stalls that churn out classic dishes with a modern twist. The aroma of delicious food of all types wafts through the air as you roam around the place, which makes it a dilemma to decide what to buy and eat. One thing is for sure once you visit Borough Market you are sure to return at the earliest opportunity that presents itself.

Borough Market

Portobello Road Market:

From some of the freshest organically grown fruits and vegetables to the latest avant-garde fashion trends for the next fashion season, you can be sure to find them all at Portobello Road Market. Spread over the two-mile road the market houses some of the most unique items with Saturdays being the day for their famous antique sale. The market itself is located in the centre of one of the coolest areas in West London – Notting Hill. Portobello Road Market has been in business from the 1800s and you can expect to find a treasure trove of items for sale.

Columbia Road Flower Market:

If you want to visit one of the most colourful spots in London, then a trip to the most beautiful flower market in Britain is a must – Columbia Road Flower Market located in East London. Visit the place on a Sunday and you can buy an exquisite bouquet that will delight your partner for sure. While it is pre-dominantly a flower market it is just not limited to flowers alone! There are a number of independent stalls that set handcrafts, art, vintage jewellery, accessories and plenty more.

Flower Market

Brick Lane Market:

One of the more unique and at times eccentric markets in London it offers a different experience to all who visit the place. The market is open for business on Sundays when there are numerous stalls that setup shop that sell a staggering array of items. From retro stands to thrift shops there are a lot of options to shop at. If you build up an appetite after all the shopping, head straight to the wonderful food stands or Asian restaurants to be found in the area.

Camden Market:

Located in one of the most stylish districts of London Camden Market comprises of Stables Market and Camden Lock Market. The place is jam-packed with an assortment of boutiques that sell a plethora of items. If you are looking to spruce up your wardrobe and stand apart from the rest in sartorial elegance, Camden Market is the place to visit. Once you are done rummaging through the stalls, you could pop-in to Camden Lock Market to enjoy the fantastic street food options in the area.

Leadenhall Markets:

It is a former Victorian food market which has been renovated and offers a spectacular selection of poultry, seafood, meat, game and cheeses. There also is a fine selection of pubs to be found in the area that offer a good choice of beers and food.  A good place to enjoy some fine beer and grab a bite is The Lamb Tavern, within the market. It is a good place to relax at leisure seated under the glass canopy, while you watch shoppers pass by.

Smithfield Market:

The biggest wholesale meat market in the city is Smithfield, where there is a diverse variety of game, offal and meat for sale. Once you are done shopping at the market hop along to the cafes or pubs in the area for a hearty English breakfast. For those who do not mind a pint of beer with breakfast, there are pubs in the area that operate on a special license to dispense beer.

Spitalfields Market:

Spitalfields Market could best be described as a curious blend of fashion boutiques, immigrant communities, traditional market and Eastenders. There is plenty on offer from the best in gourmet dining to flowers, fashion to home-ware and lots more. The place also features a rather unique blend of Modern and Victorian architecture. Bishops Square in the area is covered by a splendid canopy made of glass.