How to pick out the best London Tours for kids


Travelling with kids can either be a thrilling adventure or a nightmare. The reality depends on several different factors. Some children seem just to be prone to loud outbursts and making an annoyance of themselves while other kids are calmer in a new environment – and then there’s the age factor. Whatever the case, there are some guidelines you can implement to ensure that your children, and the family as a whole, have the best experience possible in London.

It’s important to incorporate a range of attractions that fit the family as a whole. You don’t just want to be visiting art galleries and taking strolls down the royal parks during your time in the city. To that end, you’ll want to bring some level of excitement to your trip. The best way to do that in our opinion is to plan a series of experiential tours.

The first experiential tour we invite you to consider is ‘The Making of Harry Potter – Warner Bros Studio Tour.’ Even if you children only watched the movies, and didn’t read the books, or aren’t die-hard Harry Potter fans, the tour gives everyone a riveting insight into filmmaking in general, the sets used for the movies, and everything in-between.


The London Bicycle Tour is the second of the experiences we recommend. With professional bike tour guides, they’ll kit your family with everything you need to roam safely around the city. Maps and routes will be on-hand and available to use, and the tours will be available in seven different languages. So whether your first language is French, Italian or Spanish or else, you can get a fascinating educational insight into the city, as you glide across the capital, in your language of choice.


The Original London Sightseeing Tour is an excellent alternative to a bicycle tour; suiting families are who are a little more conservative about the way they approach a city. With the busy roads of London, cycling is most certainly not a favourite past time here. With the bus tour, you’ll be given the same educational insight by a professional guide – related to the city’s fun facts, architecture, and attractions. These bus tours also tend to be complimented by free walking tours.

Whatever you end up doing your stay in London, we hope you think things through in advance, taking as much time as possible to devise the best itinerary for your trip. There will, of course, be deviations, because we can’t control everything on our travels – but having a rough guideline of fun experiences you can enjoy as a family will make your journey better. Book your stay at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London – the best luxury accommodation in Paddington London.