Why Paddington is Your Next London Tourist Spot


Each area of London has its own unique character, making each destination in the city an intrinsically new experience. You’ll never be bored in the city, and if you’re looking for a new area to explore which is close to the Park Grand Central Paddington London Hotel, then look no further than the area of Paddington itself. There is plenty you can expect from the area of Paddington, especially with its central location and deep history of notable residents and events. What’s more, there are plenty of opportunities to shop and find great events in the area so that you always know you won’t be bored in Paddington.

All About Paddington

In 1965, Paddington was blended into the city of Westminster after being a metropolitan borough up until that time. After that, the area grew in wealth and popularity, especially due to its great train lines which reach across the whole country. The area near Paddington named the Waterside has been redeveloped for 20 years now, aiming to use former railway land as a new area for tourists to enjoy.

Paddington Bridges

Paddington is home to some of the most innovative bridge designs in the city. This includes the rolling bridge from Heatherwick Studio. This amazing bridge was installed near Paddington Station and comprises of eight segments, which when activated, fold towards each other to form a sculpture on one side of the path. When folded out, the sculpture becomes a bridge across the canal, making it a multi-faceted and award winning piece of architecture and art. Another notable bridge in this canal dotted area is the fan bridge which you can see in action two times a week, every Wednesday and Friday at noon. The bridge is made from three metre wide cantilevered parts and is 20 metres in diameter. It raises using hydraulics, acting as a draw bridge for passing boats and as a footbridge for those traversing the Paddington basin area.

Hyde Park

A short walk from Paddington station, this royal park is one of the most visited in the city. With its mix of recreational activities, beautiful botanical scenery and artistic sculpture work, Hyde Park has to its name an amazing art gallery, an atmospheric lake and many fascinating sculptures. Take for instance the incredible Diana Memorial Playground, a rich mix of children’s imagination and heartfelt tribute to the famous princess.

Little Venice

Little Venice is definitely worth a visit for all staying in Hotel Accommodation in London. The mix of beautiful cafes, paddling river birds and idyllic canal boats makes a meander down the Little Venice Canals a truly lovely experience.

Puppet Theatre Barge Paddington

Looking for a family friendly way to spend your time in Paddington? Check out the unique Puppet Theatre Barge, where you can find a range of performances using puppetry which are suitable for all ages. On top of this, the unique theatre experience hosts workshops for kids to learn their own puppetry skills. This theatre experience is an accessible and quirky breath of fresh air from the West End glamour.