A Guide to London’s Best Markets


One of the best things about London is the way that the city embraces all different cultures and traditions – infusing classic and traditional British dishes with exotic flavours, highlighting international cuisines and delicacies across an array of top restaurants near the Park Grand Kensington, and inviting sellers from all over the world to be a part of the local city markets.

Market culture in London is quite unlike anywhere else. Far from simply offering a market experience to visitors around the Christmas period, London hosts a multitude of markets every day in various parts of the city – including The City of London itself, the Southbank, and the central Covent Garden square.

Here are some of the best markets to visit when you’re next in London.

Leadenhall Market

Our first stop on the market adventure of London is a site which isn’t really a market at all anymore, despite its name and aesthetic. Retaining the same colourful vibe and quirky exterior that it had back when it was seen as the central market for London traders, Leadenhall Market today combines a wide variety of food stops, bars, and shops that you can wander at your leisure.

Located in the City of London’s square mile, this market building – turned modern visitors paradise is often filled with city workers after work hours and connects incredible artisan treats with more luxurious gifts and items to take home. Easy to access from the Park Grand Paddington Court London, this is a market that most visitors overlook yet is an immersive and vibrant portal into London’s past and present.

Borough Market

A foodie’s paradise, this market is located across the river Thames from the hotels near Paddington Station UK – making it a bit of a trek although well worth it for an exotic street food-style lunch. From ingredients for local and international dishes, to snacks that you can enjoy as you explore the market and the city beyond, Borough Market is mainly focussed on food though it also has gift and other accessory stalls available to browse too.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Arguably the most beautiful market in London, Columbia Road flower market doesn’t just look great, but it smells great too. Head here first thing on a Sunday morning to get your pick of the best fresh flowers brought in by local traders – and discover some innovative, vibrant, and exquisite arrangements for all occasions and seasons.

Covent Garden Market

This market is as much about location as it is about the market experience itself, with Covent Garden an iconic staple in the centre of London which combines high end dining experiences and some of the top hotel deals in London with street performances, gift stalls, and immersive pop up experiences for visitors to enjoy.

If you’re looking to add Covent Garden to your London itinerary, we recommend doing so before an evening at the theatre thanks to the market’s proximity to Soho – not to mention the evening is when Covent Garden really comes to life.