Discovering Kings Cross Pavilion


If it’s a sophisticated and classy city break you’re after, then you’ll not need to look further than the Kensington borough of London. It’s the perfect destination for a romantic get-away with its cosmopolitan bars and exquisite shopping district, and has something to offer everyone. Don’t be put off by the seemingly expensive Kensington lifestyle though, as staying in one of London’s The Grand Paddington hotel is one of the many cheap hotels in Kensington that offer luxurious accommodation with unbeatable prices, to ensure that you’ll save precious pounds booking hotels, so that you can splash the cash when indulging in a spot of retail therapy.

If shopping is your love language, then you’ll be thrilled by the indulgent departments held inside of Harrods- London’s ultimate luxury department store. Whether you’re looking for designer shoes and handbags, clothes, delicacies, London memorabilia or even an expensive bottle of wine, Harrods stocks it all, and then some. Aside from the towering department stores, you can also expect to find designer boutiques lining the streets, such as Gucci, Chanel and Dior but to name a few.

Once you’ve shopped until you’re about to drop, you will probably be in need of some really good food to boost your energy levels whilst you mull over your recent purchases. Since you’ve spent the day perusing indulgent designer stores, it’s only fitting that you treat yourself to some top quality cuisine too, and where better to do so than the Kings Cross Pavilion?Overlooking Regent’s canal with floor to ceiling window panels from which to take in the views, the setting is stunning for a truly unforgettable evening, and that’s even before tucking in to some of the amazing, freshly cooked dishes from the ever-changing menu. There are lots of restaurants nearby, but if you’re craving something a little more casual, then KERB street food could be the perfect alternative to a formal restaurant dinner. Simply take a stroll through the stalls close-by to find your favourite dish, and then grab a spot on the kerb to eat just like the locals do.

Whatever reason brings youto London, you can be sure of a great time making memories that will last a lifetime, whether that’s visiting London’s luxury department store, Harrods, taking a picnic in one of the Royal parks, or simply visiting a museum. You probably won’t have time to take in everything you to need to know about Hackney Road,ride every underground lineor even see everything that the city has to offer during your short trip, but what better excuse is there to return again soon?