Cool Tips For School Trips

Wembley stadium, Brent, London, UK

London is well known for being a great city for kids. Whether it’s for entertainment or education, there’s more than enough in the city of London to keep children engaged. This is no mean feat; most kids have a short attention span, and this means you must find extra special events to keep them occupied. London is the perfect city for this, whether it’s making education interactive and fun or finding that unique child-tailored event, the city goes that extra mile to keep all ages happy. School trips are often the most memorable part of your early years and the UK capital understands and caters for this all too well.  Whether you’re on a day trip or capitalising on the vast range of London Hotel Offers, London is a prime destination for you and the children in your care.

London Zoo

Located in London’s Regent Park, a great place to bring the kids itself, London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world. Dating back to 1831, the animals from the Tower of London menagerie were transported to the Zoological Society of London, or London zoo and were opened to the public in 1847. The London Zoo then, has had plenty of time to cultivate its collection of animals and to this day provides kids and adults alike with interactive experiences to really make you feel at one with the wild. With daily feedings, question and answer sessions and hundreds of animals to see, all ages will leave London Zoo feeling like they’ve learnt something.

The British Museum

Have you got a school learning about the Egyptians? Or perhaps it’s Samurai season at your local comprehensive. Either way, there are extensive exhibitions at the British Museum which offer up in depth studies of ancient cultures from around the world. All held within a magnificent 1753 established building, the museum holds many relics of the UK’s explorations overseas. Based in Bloomsbury, the British Museum holds both free and ticketed exhibits as well as holding hundreds of thousands of artefacts and books. If you’re school is studying ancient cultures, the British Museum may be just the trip for you, with tours and workshops tailored around educational visits.

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