Amazing and fabulous adventure of Shrek’s London


The Shrek’s Adventure was the first Adventure tour opened in Country Hall city of London in the month of July, 2015. There we can view Bonkers walk and 4 D Magic Buses which is a good attraction for the whole family which takes us far Away and leaves us with an Amazing Experience. Once we board the Magical Bus Princess Fiona explains what we are going to view in the whole visit. During this explanation she is taken by the villains. Then the Donkey appears on the screen and reminds the visitors that the Bus has out of Magic. Once the visitors sing the song of I’M Believer the Bus starts again.

Shrek and Fiona

There we can see many characters like Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and many more.  After this the bus will run over by Rumpelstiltskins favorite Witch and the magical bus falls on the ground and crashes in Shrek’s swamp. There we find Cinderella who is cleaning Shrek’s Swamp. The Cinderella tells the visitors need to visit the fortune teller. Then the fortune teller tells the visitors need to get Magic Portal Spell from the Pub. In the Pub the Doris tells the visitors about the recipe for Magic Portal Spell.  Many more exciting things are here and we can enjoy there a lot.

Once the visitors leave the pub they are headed to the Wheel of Fortune where a Pinocchio has been captured by the soldiers. After the Pinocchio adventure the visitors move towards the great Mirror Maze. The After the Mirror Maze the Visitors enters the Muffin’s Shop where they prepare the recipe. Not only have this had the visitors kept on enjoying new adventures. At last the visitors exit through the gift shop. This whole adventure last for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes where we forget the whole world and enjoy the Shrek’s Adventure. The age group for the adventure is above six years to twelve years.

The Sherk Adventure is situated at within walking distance from many under ground stations like Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross and Westminster. If you want to have a stay nearby attraction then there are many good hotels here. Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London is one of the best hotels in the nearby area where you can have the most relaxing and economical stay. You can book your hotel room online. The closest tube station is Waterloo and which is about five minutes’ walk able distance.

This is one of the beautiful kind of adventure where everyone turn out to be crazy have lots of fun, enjoy and the said adventure remains in their memory life time.