7 Non-Touristy Things To Do In London


London Traveller

London is for anyone and everyone. Rich in history and culture, this enchanting city is full of attractions and touristy experiences for travellers to indulge in. During your holidays visiting these popular attractions can be time consuming, expensive and can result in standing in long queues. For some it can be fun to explore London like a local and visit some off-beat places instead of doing the usual sight-seeing tours.

No matter how you want to spend your time in London, whether doing the usual or unusual, your accommodation should be super holiday-friendly. The Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel in London delivers unmatched comfort and luxury, making your stay as memorable as it can be. The hotel’s central and ideal location makes it easy for you to explore the best of London. It’s a short walk away from the Paddington tube and train station. From here you can quickly and easily connect to all exciting London attractions. Plus, this station also provides quick connection to Heathrow airport. Being centrally located in Paddington also offers a selection of great restaurants in the area.

If standing in long queues and doing the usual attractions and experiences is not your idea of holidaying, here’s a list of offbeat places you will enjoy exploring.

Highgate Cemetery

For the adventurous spirit, exploring the Highgate Cemetery is going to be a historic, cultural and very unique experience.  This old North London cemetery is burial grounds for popular figures like Karl Marx, George Eliot, Malcolm McLaren and more. It features Victorian buildings, chapels, catacombs, the Lebanon Circle and Egyptian Avenue. The West part of the cemetery is accessible only with guided tour while the East can be explored on your own. This interesting experience is definitely worth a visit on a good weather day. The lush green cemetery is a not-so-talked-about gem of London.

Where: Swain’s Lane, London N6 6PJ

Highgate Cemetery


If you want to explore London like a true Londoner then you must visit Hackney- the cool suburb of London. This place has some great concept cafes and themed pubs that serving mouth-watering food and irresistible mix of beverages. Indulge in unique experiences like offbeat cinemas, city farms, vintage stores and the intriguing street art.

Where: North East London

London Walks

If the active traveller in you doesn’t want to stand in long queues to be able to get a feel and spirit of this city, then the London walks are a great option for exploring the city. You can choose from Classic London walks, Pub walks, Harry Potter walk, Foodies walk, Soho Food walk, Photo walk and more. The options are endless, cheap and fun. You can even download London walking apps or create your own walking route via Google map and see the whole city on foot. This will help you discover London in your own time and the way you like it.

London walk

Local Markets

To explore the various cultures and vibes of London, you might want to see its weekly markets. The popular ones are the Portobello market in Notting Hill, Camden and the Borough market. But if you want to see more of London, you can venture out to the Colombia flower market, the Brick Lane Market and the Markets in Dalston and Hackney. You will enjoy shopping, eating, exploring and having a great London time in these great markets.