There are over 16 million tourists who visit London every year and as staggering a number as that is, does that really mean the city is worth your money and time? Do you really want to go to such a crowded city with so much noise and commotion 24 7? Aren’t there better places to go on holiday which could give you and your family what you need without the hassle of London? You could try, that’s for sure, but finding a trip that will be as memorable as a trip to London will be a hard task indeed. When it comes to holidays, London has everything you’ll need and more. Below are some of the reasons why London will always be a number one choice for holidays.


Is London any good for historical sites?

One of the main draws to London is a history running back to the Roman era. The city has been built up through the millennia and has therefore amassed an unfathomable number of stories over the years. What’s more, the city is home to the heart of British government as well as holding several estates of the English Royal Family. With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that there are so many tours, museums and houses dotted around the city where visitors can learn about the history of the London, and through that, the country. There is no better city to visit which will give guests a better understanding of how the United Kingdom was formed.

Isn’t London known to be stressful?

Whoever said you couldn’t get any peace and quiet in London? If you’re looking to relax, the cities Royal Parks will give you the fresh air and open space you’ll need to reflect, recoup and re-energise for the more hectic moments of your trip. With wild deer in Richmond Park, to beautiful lakes on Hampstead Heath, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Other ways to relax include relaxing spa treatments at hotels such as the Park Grand Paddington Hotel.

Isn’t the nightlife super expensive?

It is true that West End prices can get hiked up and ticket touts can up the costs of your favourite gigs, but when you know where to look you could be looking at heavily reduced prices. Try going to a theatre box office early in the morning to find reduced rates on ticket returns or try the off West-End areas for great entertainment. Club nights and music can be free if you find the right venue. Shoreditch, Hackney, Brixton and Camden often have late night entertainment of all mediums being reduced to literally as cheap as chips.

Doesn’t everything in the city cost a lot of money?

This is a common misconception. Although on the surface, travel can be costly, you can svae a lot when investing in saver tickets, whether daily or weekly for the public transport services. On top of this accommodation and eating out can be cheap, especially at restaurants near Paddington Station, where you’ll find plenty of deals and great value menus. London is expensive on the surface, but learning the tricks to keep costs down is crucial.