Why you should visit the Sussex Gardens in London

If you’re planning to visit London soon, consider staying at the Sussex Gardens. The scintillating area is found in the area of Bayswater, with Paddington Tube station only a four minute walk away. Those who book their accommodation in a venue such as the Park Grand Paddington Court London will experience numerous benefits. Paddington station offers quick train journeys to Heathrow and other cities outside the capital. Hyde Park, Oxford Circus, and plenty of restaurants can be found near the area. And with the London hotels specials offers, staying in central is less expensive than most people think.

Often times, tourists visiting the capital, base their nature explorations around the Royal Parks. Hyde Park and Regents Park are each in their own right are, gorgeous and expansive settings. But the less popular gardens offer something that’s arguably more intimate and delightful. Many of them are further out into London, but we recommend them simply because they’re unique.

The first popular venues we recommend are the Kew Gardens. The Royal Botanic Garden is the world’s most famous garden. It boasts historic building, an array of vivacious, beautiful plants, glasses houses, and lush landscapes. With over 14,000 trees, the Kew Palace – with layers of history from the period of King George; it’s a historic delight just as much as a nature park.

Kew Gardens

The Waterlily house and others form some of the most extraordinary glasshouses in the world. Then there’s the Temperate house, the Palm house and Rose Garden, and the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Once a year, the latter hosts a festival celebrating the beauty of the tropical orchids. Visitors will learn about nature, the history of the country, while having the time of their lives. The treetop walkway adds an edge of thrill to the day, and the incredible landscape is a great place to enjoy.

Found in Richmond Surrey, it makes sense to also plan the day around a visit to Richmond Park – which is the largest park in London. Here, unlike the parks in central London, visitors will find antelopes, brimming wildlife, and vast acres, and acres of absolutely open space.

In summary, those visiting London shouldn’t settle for the mere parks in central London. The paid for gardens offer an experience that’s at the pinnacle of nature. And with the number of events that take place throughout the year, it’s a hot spot for activity. Don’t just settle for the Kew gardens though. The Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest is also another place worth visiting. Especially because it’s perfect for cycling, walking, running, and riding and picnics. In essence, visit London and visit the countryside to experience the best of nature.

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