Visit the Royal Albert Hall


The Royal Albert Hall is famous for one thing: incredible live music events. Famous performers from all around the glove have graced the stage with their presence and since opening in 1871 – it’s become one of the most distinctive musical venues in the UK. Every year, more than 300 events in the categories of: rock, pop, classical music, opera, ballet, and award ceremonies are hosted at the venue.

Royal Albert Hall London

Those staying at the Park Grand Paddington Court London hotel will be a 20 minute walk away from the historic venue. And with the London hotels deals special offers, guests can enjoy a few complimentary additions to their stay.  The hall has seven restaurants and 13 bars across all levels of the auditorium.

Visitors who are only looking to visit the city for the sake of the auditorium itself can book a guided tour. What’s fascinating to know is that the Royal Albert Hall, despite its opulence, is a registered charity. It has two aims: to promote the arts and sciences, and to preserve and enhance the Grade I listed building. Fascinatingly, over 1.7 million enjoy live experiences here every year. Nevertheless, this is a venue that often goes unnoticed by many tourists.

On the outside, the Royal Albert Hall personifies majesty and class. It features a glazed-iron roof that measures 20,000 square feet and the venue is steeped with history. The venue is most famous for the Proms classical musical event (known as the world’s greatest classical music festival) – running between the 15th July 2016 and the 10th September 2016, and has hosted it since 1941.

In essence, this is a place that’s famous for its sense of prestige and its various events. Just to be at the auditorium is an experience, and to be part of an event here is something else. The acoustics here are incredible – perhaps the best the city has to offer. On some occasions, the hall plays movies that include a live orchestra for relevant scenes. To enjoy such an experience, look out for the Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Live show this year.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee steps on the south side of the hall create an idyllic entrance for visitors. They set the stage for the kind of performance waiting to be witnessed inside. In short, the Royal Albert Hall represents the finest of things in British culture and music. Make visiting the venue a priority; you won’t regret it.