Why you should visit the London Zoo at night


Have you ever thought about discovering your city’s zoo at night? Walking through the zoo in the daytime, although fascinating, is something you’ve probably done before. An event called ‘Zoo Lates’ is offering a unique opportunity to blend nightly zoo-seeing and social gathering. The occasion will take place on Friday nights between 6-10pm in the summer months at London Zoo. Visitors can enjoy festivities with a flurry of surrounding animals. Seeing as it’s an adult event only, it’s unlike the usual family affair. It’s a different experience. Those looking for a nightly stay nearby can consider the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London.

The London Zoo offers us a glimpse into the animal kingdom, which houses more than seven hundred different species including Lions, Pandas and Giraffes. The Tiger territory allows you to get closer than you’d ever imagined possible to the endangered Sumatran tigers. Overall, there are more than 17500 animals in the wild and expansive location. Visiting at night offers an entirely different edge to the scene. It’s captivating, to say the least. It’s easy to forget that there is so much wildlife in the world.


Throughout the gathering, there will also be a lot of exciting activities on offer. From face-painting, wine tasting, pop-up bars and drinks, great food, improvised comedy, animal talks, twisted cabaret, roving performances, carousel rides, and silent dance offs. Blending a party vibe with the inherent primal atmosphere of the zoo augments the experience. Knowing that some of the most deadly creatures are just around the corner also adds an extra thrill. As the zoo is in the heart of London, you can find many central London hotels deals special offers.

The zoo represents another world, one that is isolated from the massive congregation of roads and buildings. All the while, the intermittent roars, hisses and sounds from various animals awaken our minds.  Hearing and feeling the presence of these creatures dispels the activities of our minds. ‘Zoo Lates’ combines zoo-seeing with remembrance and celebration. If you’re looking for a special night out and have been thinking of visiting the zoo, it only makes sense that you attend ‘London Zoo Lates’ this summer; you won’t regret it.