Victorian London, a quick guide just for you.


If you want to know more about the London city of the Victorian times then you need to check with a quick guide. Here is a quick guide about the most unique Victorian milestones.

Shoreditch & Whitechapel
In the year 1801 there were many people staying here, this was the largest populated city in Europe. As the city expanded, the overcapacity was a big issue with all the areas full of slum areas. People here would live in small homes and it used be a shabby place. But today the things have changed. Today the area has changed a lot and Shoreditch is one of the best trendy areas in the city with many cafes, bars and nightclubs. The main centre of the area is Redchurch Street which is the house to shops and some galleries.

Clerkenwell & Holborn
You can go here via Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City line. As you go on the opposite side of the Farringdon Road you will see the famous Smithfield Market, which is a meat market and one can get meat at the wholesale rate here. When the railways made the smooth way to the transportation of meat then it became compulsory to find a place to stock it. The great construction was made up of glass, stone and iron.

Smithfields market in London

The main court of the wales and England is on a walking distance from the Newgate Street. The unique Newgate prison used to be there once where the very well-known and scary criminals were locked up. The scariest part is seeing the execution was a very famous hobby of the people in the very old times. The last execution took place in the year 1868 after that they shifted the criminals inside. Then the prison was wrecked in the year 1902.

You can just walk to the Farringdon Road and you will find yourselves on the busy streets eternalized by Charles Dickens. One of the worst areas in the capital us mostly patronised by beggars and thieves and the crime rate here was very high. The roads were named like Pissing Alley. Today the things have changed a lot and it has become more well-thought-of area that has many good spots, clubs, bars and restaurants as well. If you go back to the Holborn you can go to the previous home that is close to the Chancery Lane. Today that is replaced by a museum. Though he was there just for two years, you can see a unique and varied collection of exhibits. You can go down to the Chancery Lane to the Strand and get to see the Royal Courts of Justice. Today this place is open for public visit and it has more than thousand rooms and this is also used as event venues, fashion shows and weddings.

The Strand and Westminster
The Strand is on a considerable distance from the Victoria Embankment that is built in order to help the Thames flow when the mess system was being refurbished. One of the situations that encouraged this was the Stink of 1858. This took place when a remarkably hot summer mixed with the river water that was polluted that came out as a bad smell which was so bad that the Houses of Parliament had to be banished. Basically it was an out-of-date building and the Houses of Parliament were ruined in the fire that took place in the year 1834. Consequently it was reconstructed three years after in a different way. If you move little ahead then you will see some places like the Big Ben. You can combine both places in your tour plan.

Victoria Embankment Gardens in London

King’s Cross
You can reach here from the Embankment tube.  This area that was once demoralized is now going through a big renovation. The breath-taking Kings Cross St. Pancras station is a beautiful example of the old style architecture that is done by Gilbert Scott in 1865.It is very well known as the best of his work done so far and this is one of the best railway station in the city. As you move ahead you will see the Northern Hotel, a great example of Victorian design made up by Lewis Cubitt. As you go to see inside you will see some of the Cubitt’s emblem high ceilings and beautifully designed curved staircases. Both milestones have had many reformations. There is also a warehouse that goes back in the history to the year 185 and it was being used as again store for many years. Today it is a branch of Central Saint Martin’s university along with two high class restaurants.

West End
This area can be the great ending point of your Victorian London tour. Previously it was entertainment centre of London and Soho was the epicentre. Though today the Soho area is full of industries, offices, bars, restaurants, etc. there are many good hotels in this area like the Paddington London hotels where one can have a great stay. You can also go to see the Soho Square. There was a café royal on the regent street and today it has changed to a good hotel. There were also some music halls like the Empire on Leicester Square, and today is a very big cinema hall. Not all the things have changed in this area and you can also go to see the old surviving Rules restaurant. This restaurant is running from 1798 and you will also be able to go and see the White Hart pub on Drury Lane. This is also an old place that is being run from a very long time.

If you are a history lovers then come to the city and know more about the history of the Victorian times. Just come here and be in the old times.