It is not uncommon to find yourself having a lot of spare time by yourself if on a business trip, or perhaps you have come to London for a solitary holiday for a bit of peace and quiet. Perhaps you simply have a stopover in the city before you travel somewhere else. Whatever the reason, you’ll have more than enough to keep you entertained by yourself in the city. Below you can find just some of the options you have for a fun day solo in London.

Take a walk to some of the breath-taking landmarks of the city

London is known for having some top attractions, but you need only yourself to really soak them in. Pry yourself from your Park Grand Paddington Court bed and get exploring! With so much on offer, why not take a walk along those banks of the River Thames and soak in the sights, sounds and smells of the city. Just seeing the city in all its glory can really help you to understand and appreciate the vast ungainly volume of the cities potential.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the iconic monuments of the city. As one of the oldest and well documented castles in and around the city, the Tower of London was built in the 11th century and became a fortress used to defend London from the likes of Viking invaders. Among its other broad and varying roles, the castle is known as the final resting place of “the princes in the tower” thought to have been murdered by Richard III as well as being the prison for the notorious Kray Twins.

Big Ben and House of Parliament

Big Ben

Based on the banks of the River Thames, Big Ben or Elizabeth Tower is one of the most well-known land marks of the city. As the clocktower overlooking the River Thames, Big Ben is 96 metres tall and is connected to the Palace of Westminster, where the British Government are based. Big Ben holds a great history and is one of the most impressive structures in the city.

Churchill War Rooms

Take refuge from the outside world and head down into the historic Churchill War Rooms. This museum gives a representation of the board rooms based under Whitehall and was the main base of command for the British Government during the Second World War. Feel the tension as you traverse the claustrophobic maze of rooms where some of the most important decisions of the 20th century was made.

Go Cycling With Santander Cycles

One of the best ways to see the city of London is by bike. With the introduction of incredible new superhighways and super cheap Santander Cycles giving people a great value way to keep fit and see the city in an eco-friendly fashion, you have no excuses not to get on your bike and feel the wind in your hair.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of the largest parks in the city and acts as the perfect way to feel at one with nature in middle of the city. Consisting of over 900 acres of natural conservation land, you can see wild Deer’s originally introduced by King Charles I in the 17th century. This park is a perfect place to cycle and takes you into the affluent heart of West London.

Richmond Park

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is based in North London and holds within its boundaries London Zoo as well as Primrose Hill, one of the best views in London. With vast fields and hundreds of acres to explore, take your Santander Cycle to this incredible park for one of the most diverse city park experiences out there.

Go to a Museum

There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a museum. Finding the best one sin the city is not as hard as you’d. Whether you’re into art, human history or geology, there’s always a subject to whisk you away during a trip to London.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History is one of the South Kensington three, a group of museums based in the South West of London. This majestic columned museum is dedicated to an exploration of the natural world, exploring everything from rock formations to Dinosaurs. With hundreds of animal skeletons and taxidermy specimens, this museum is a dream come true for anyone who goes doolally for Darwin.

British Museum

British Museum

The British Museum focuses on cultural anthropology and the progression fo human civilisation. As one of the most visited museums in London, like the Natural History Museum, its permanent exhibition is free to visit. At the British Museum you can explore exhibits exploring ancient Japan, Egypt the Middle East as well as many other fascinating civilisations from the depths of history.

Shopping trips

No one likes to be dragged around shopping when they don’t want to, that’s why you should take advantage of your time alone to do a bit of shopping, whether for yourself or for souvenirs.



One of the quintessentially British Department stores, Harrods offers acres worth of department store space as well as luxury services such as massages, spa treatments, haute cuisine and even a bank. Whatever your reason for visiting, have a peruse of Harrods Hampers and the high-class tailors who serve on site.


As one of the largest toy shops in the world, Hamley’s is perfect to find the child in you again. With many interactive toys to test out and an endless number of toys on offer, you’re bound to find a gadget for yourself or a present for a younger loved one.

Oxford Street

Spanning a whole mile of space, Oxford Street is one fo the busiest high streets on Europe. It’s not surprising to see why, the amount of high street retailers and high class yet affordable fashion on offer is so large you’ll be lost in it for days. Whether you’re looking for flagship Topshop or H&M stores or some smaller independent shops, Oxford Street will have what you want.