Tourist’s Guide For An Exotic Visit At Highclere Castle London


Amongst all the up and coming cities of the world, London is said to be one of the most culturally vibrant city. It is filled with historical facts even before Renaissance and Industrial Revolution. People from over the centuries have tried to preserve its great cultural and historical past. It is quite a known fact to you London is such a city of the world filled with castles and manor which have continued to fuel curiosity and instigate inspiration to people from every walk of life.

Holding these facts true, Highclere Castle is one such emblematic monument that is the preserver of the place’s bountiful past. Quite similarly, it is now regarded as one of the major tourist attraction of the place. The Castle and the Garden surrounding it are open for tourist and public visit from July to September every year.

History Of The Castle

Much like the history of this place, the castle too, is rich in scenic beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is a country house made in Jacobean style owned by eighth Earl of Carnarvon, George Herbert, and his wife. Over time, this structure has been remodeled. However, its current state is presented by a famous architect who has immense contributions in revival movements from Renaissance in mid-nineteenth century.

Located Amidst Lap Of Nature

The castle boasts few thousand acres of lush green hills, gardens, and parks of Hampshire. There are lakes, exquisite gardens and parks present all over the place. This is not all, as the gardens have a wide range of plants and shrubs in its disposal starting from lavender, climbing roses, geraniums to scrupulously crafted hedges and fruit trees.
In the middle of all these staging of nature, there stands the castle with its high towers and pinnacles jutting in the air. Some of the attractive features of this castle are, it has 300 rooms that include almost 80 bedrooms, a gigantic spaced library, dressing rooms, saloon and also smoking parlors. Amongst all these, it also holds a museum exhibiting several Egyptian artifacts related to Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Reaching The Place

There are several ways through which you can reach the Highclere Castle. In case, you are going there by car then, you will simply have to follow tourist signs in brown to reach the place. The traffic is also one way for cars when this place is open for visits.

When you have opted for train, you can take it from London to Newbury and take a taxi from there, or in other scenarios you can also choose train from London taking you to Whitchurch. You can board the train from Paddington station to reach the respective destination. Taxi is available outside Newbury station to take you to the castle. However, in case, you are willing to take the ride from Whitchurch station, consider per-booking a taxi. It will, approximately take15 to 20 minutes to reach the place from station.

Hotels Near The Place

There are many boutique and exclusive hotels available in nearby locations of Highclere Castle, Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel in London being one of them. This hotel is located at a suitable distance from the Castle and being a tourist you can reach the place with easy means. The hotel also boasts several types of rooms that you can take with close vicinity from few attractions in London including bars and restaurants giving you a vibrant nightlife.

Some Useful Rules And Policies

While you are visiting the castle, there are few things you need to keep in mind so that you can ensure a comfortable visit of Castle. To start with, if you are carrying babies or toddlers, there are no facilities to take pushchairs inside castle. You can keep it in front hall in given space at your risk.

Next, comes, the rule about entry of dogs inside Castle vicinity. No dogs are permitted in that case, apart from the guide dogs that too in public footpath that runs all through Castle grounds and parks. Also, in respect of prohibition, photography is not allowed. You can only use cameras outside vicinity for personal purpose. Under no circumstances, Drones are allowed in the Estate.

Availability Of Other Facilities

Though Highclere Castle is a historical structure, but access for disabled is available in most parts. There are no lifts available inside building, although visitors can check out photographs to take a glimpse of bedrooms at first floor. You can also use wheelchairs in Egyptian Exhibit via Courtyard and enter through back of castle. You can avoid bringing motorized wheelchair into the castle as it is not allowed inside. However, you can access them on paths that go all over the lawns.

The Castle authorities have also limited manual wheelchair at their disposal. In case you are willing to hire manual wheelchair while visiting the Castle, it is suggested that you book it in advance for supply is limited. You will also find yourself enjoying Tearooms and Gift Shops located within the property.

The Tearooms offers delicacies for visiting public and tourists and are open during specified hours. There is also Castle gift shop from where you can buy various products including chocolates, bath products, stationery, souvenirs, books and china cups.

Events To Attend

If you are visiting the Highclere Castle during the tourist season, high chances are there that you can be witness of two most fantastic events taking place here. You will get to enjoy Battle Proms featuring cannons of 1812 Overture. You will be able to witness, the most spectacular Proms in Park style featuring royal Highclere Castle in backdrop. In addition to this, there will be picnic concerts with enigmatic orchestral program and combination of transcending classical music. It is almost like being a witness to historical event.

The Castle also boasts of Vintage Garden Party, which is a traditional fete including cocktails and marquee. There are also several other activities takes place in this Garden Party which you can take part and have some of the most memorable time of your life.