Top Military Attractions Of London

military attraction in london

London is one of the best destinations for all lovers of history. The city is full of stories, places and monuments that tell the interesting tales of the years gone by. If military facts interest you, then London is one of the best destinations to visit. The British military facts, events and the monuments they used fascinate all visitors. It can be very captivating to learn how the military has helped shape the United Kingdom into a safe and secure country.

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To explore everything and anything about the British military, here’s a list of places you must-visit and a few experiences you must indulge in:

1. Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum London

Lovers of history and military can’t miss visiting this museum. This newly refurbished war museum is a great to learn about the facts and stories of people who fought for the country and became martyrs. The museum features the horror of the trenches in the First World War, the Blitz and the Holocaust Exhibition. Plus, you will find real tanks, planes and revolving exhibitions here.

Where: Lambeth Rd, London SE1 6HZ

2. HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast London

Live and feel the glorious past of Britain by walking on the deck of ship that took part in the D-Day landing. Stationed on River Thames near Tower Bridge in the great HMS Belfast, you can explore the Captain’s Bridge, engine rooms, sailors’ mess and discover the life of the its crew.

Where: The Queen’s Walk

3. The Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms

This war museum is free for all. Restored the way they were when Churchill directed his troops during here during the WWII. Here you find some spectacular interactive showcase of this great man’s life. The war time has beautifully been depicted in the form of art.

Where: Clive Steps, King Charles Street. Westminster

4. National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum

It’s almost unbelievable that is beautiful museum is actually free to visit and explore. This museum showcases Britain’s great encounters on the high seas. The highlights here include Nelson’s jacket that wore at Trafalgar; tradition, life cultures of the mariners and the awesome All Hands Gallery.

Where: Romney Road
SE10 9NF

5. Royal Air Force Museum

Popularly known as the RAF museum is a treat for the lovers of military and air force. This museum displays a collection of 100 aircrafts and delivers an enlightening experience to know the history of aviation. It features a 3D cinema with an impressive show about the Battle of Britain. You can also experience flying a fighter plane via the two flight simulators.

Where: Grahame Park Way, London NW9 5LL