The three best attractions in London


London is full of delightful attractions, and in this post we’re going to be taking a look at the five very best sights and activities we feel you should visit and do when visiting the city. If you’re only staying at the city for a couple of days, then you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get the most satisfying, meaningful, and fulfilling experience you can. With the London hotels deals special offers, which tend to be even better during the winter, you will be close to all the action.

The Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel is one of the finest accommodations in the area. One of the first recommendations we have is taking a cruise down the River Thames on a night time cruise. It’s the perfect to get an enveloping view of the city, while you glide across the river’s bed and enjoy your company. Whether you’re visiting with family, friends, or a romantic partner – this might be one of the best experiences you can have in London. Something about the night and the lights and the cold breeze, makes an evening down the River Thames special.

The second attraction we recommend is booking a climb up the o2 dome. The experience brings you to the top of the arena, where you’ll be greeted a fabulous, enveloping view of London’s skyline – allowing you to see all of the famous landmarks. Prior to the experience you will be given an introduction video and briefing by your guide. While it might not be as high as views from the Shard, or the London Eye, the active component of climbing up the harness brings with a thrill that the other experiences do not have. In short, it’s an adventure ride, and is found just off the Greenwich peninsula. Tickets cost about £35 and can be booked online on theo2. Nearby, guests will also find the Emirates Airline experience.

Buckingham Palace

Last but not least, is visiting the Buckingham Palace and witnessing the Changing of the guard ceremony. This free ceremony has been drawing crowds for year, and exemplifies British history and heritage like few other events can. Inside, you can explore the State rooms, and see the furnishing that the Royal family enjoy. You can purchase a package that includes both the Changing of the Guard ceremony, a tour of Buckingham Palace, and an afternoon. In summary, with each of these three attractions, you can enjoy a great weekend break during the win